Aly on episode 1: Models, Bottles, and Intern Squabbles

So Sagen ditched me and our work to go gawk at/drool over Tyson Beckford. Great. Honestly, I wasn't even bothered by it. It's not something that I would have done while my bosses were 2 feet away BUT then again, I'm not Sagen. To each her own.

I'm not trying to think of this internship as a competition. I’d rather focus my efforts on my work, give 100% to any and every task given to me, and just remain true to myself.


Use your best judgment and always THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Though, what I engage in after work hours, outside of the office setting is my personal business. Work Aly and Aly are two different people; never shall the two intertwine.


Miguel gave great advice on how to rise up from the lowly intern desk and move on to one of your very own. He told Sagen and me to always stay positive, do our best work regardless of what was thrown at us, and most importantly, to work hard. It's great when you see someone who you can look at and identify with and see how their dedication and perseverance has paid off. He is the best motivation for surviving running Russell.

I was a little bummed that interns were not invited to the party at Russell's house. I was hoping that we would be able to attend RUSH events, whether we were working or shmoozing, as a way of being able to see the many sides of RUSH communications and also serving as a really cool perk of being an intern. :( Such is the life of an intern. Hopefully in time, Sagen and I will earn a spot on the guest list.


To see the cast and celebrities on the argyle carpet, go here.

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