Aly on episode 4: Fashion Faux Pas

It was great being behind the scenes helping to prep the models and get everything in place for the presentation.I LOVED the Argyleculture fashion show! Fashion is my passion, something I hope to pursue one day. It was great being behind the scenes helping to prep the models and get everything in place for the presentation. Christina gave us an amazing opportunity to really take charge and show her that she can trust and rely on us.

Sagen and I were the epitome of jack-of-all-trades at the show! We assisted in running the back of house, making sure everything ran smoothly and on time so that the show would go on without a hitch. We had to prep all the clothing, steaming each garment to perfection and then organizing them by "looks" for each model. As runners for the show, we made sure the models stayed on schedule while they got beautified and then (the best part) made sure the boys were looking their best by helping them get dressed. And of course, we made sure our bosses lives were a little easier that night by making sure they had whatever they needed and a helping hand with whatever task they had to take on. I learned to be hands on and definitely how to multi task! The crazy world of fashion!!


I was completely prepared for the amount of labor that goes into putting together a fashion show. A lot of people think the fashion industry is so glam but they have no idea the amount of time, effort and love that goes into making the machine work. I've been working in the fashion business for years now and have the scars to prove it! The hard work pays off in the end!


How amazing was the Argyleculture show?!

Being around so many women "running Russell," it’s nice to change it up and have some testosterone thrown into the mix. Doesn't hurt either when they're easy on the eyes ;)


I was so bummed when Sagen and I found out we had missed the show! Imagine putting in all that work and not being able to see the finished product, a complete bummer. We were so focused on our job and making sure the models were ready for the show that when it came time for us to get ourselves ready, of course it was while the show was going on! Guess that's life; as long as the show was a success and we did a great job, I'm happy.



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