Christina on episode 3: Party Pooper

I was not excited about the time frame we had to add the charity element and get the work done for it. But at the end of the day, we were able to help a worthy cause and Russell was thrilled that he threw a party with a purpose!

I was actually a little surprised when Elise Vogel told me that the interns were giving her attitude, because they were already on thin ice. I think they really didn't get why we weren't pleased with the situation. They didn't understand that we sent them to help a friend of Russell and that they should have been more professional when representing Russell and Rush Communications. Whether they thought that Elise knew what she was doing or not, it wasn't their place to make her feel uncomfortable about the way she works or her own charity. I think they should have made their suggestions in a more tactful, positive, and less offensive way.

Maybe our talk with them paid off a bit because they really made a good effort in helping Elise raise money that evening.

When Piper came to me about Amber Rose needing an outfit for the party, I remembered that we still had some men’s and women’s clothes from a magazine photo shoot that took place at Russell's house a few days earlier, so I pulled some looks that I thought might work. At Rush, it’s a team effort. We all do what we can to get the job done.

As for the party overall, Russell had a great time, the guests had a great time, and Elise was able to raise money for her charity, so it was a perfect night!

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