Piper on episode 5: You Only Live Once

Pole dancing with the girls was honestly a little intimidating—I mean Simone is a pro, Aubrey O’Day is so sexy, and well Sagen’s unpredictable! I have a newfound respect for "the working girl." It’s a really strenuous job. My bones were aching!

Aubrey is probably my most favorite interviewee EVER! She's personable, intelligent, complex, honest, and there is a great deal of sincerity in her words. She was positive, optimistic and gracious—I was seriously stunned by her!


I’m so grateful to have such a close alignment with celebrities via Russell. And fortunately for me, I am able to tap into a personal side of them. They feel comfortable and they are candid, which translates to amazing content for us!!

Check out some of Piper's personal photos here.

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