Sagen on episode 3: Party Pooper

Hollerlujah! Get me out of this hustle and bustle of the city for a minute! Hamptons is always a nice, quick change of scenery. But more importantly, Aly and I finally began to feel part of the family--we were going to a Rush social event.

When I worked in PR, there was a heavy crossover with special events. We did countless events, large and small, with celebrities, fashion, media, charities, etc. So I knew my experience was something I could use to gain some redemption and step up!

Elise is such a good, kind person inside and out. I was a little startled at first considering we had such minimal time to put together something, let alone make it look good. When it comes to my work, I don’t like “half-ass’ing” things. If I can go above and beyond, I will. The pressure was on from Simone & Christina, and I didn’t want to f*ck up…especially with one of Russell’s big annual parties. So when I saw what Elise had in mind and how far along she was, it was definitely going to be a busy next few days!

Elise thought I was giving her attitude because I came off a bit aggressive. But my intentions were all sincere. I knew how important Elise’s charity was to her and at the same time, I knew how big the party was to Russell, Christina, and Simone. I simply wanted a great event and to reach our goal. However, I apologized to Elise for coming across in the wrong way.

I was so not okay with sneaking meat into Russell’s house for Amber Rose! Of course I wanted to take care of Amber as a guest, but at the same time, bringing this disgusting food in Russell’s HOME?! It wasn’t just a few chicken nuggets or turkey sandwich, haha, we’re talking big bulky smelly BBQ’ed meat. Barf!

I didn’t mind at all that Elise asked Aly to model. We were there to help Elise in any way! Plus I had been dealing with all the prep prior to the event, so I wanted to stay focused & organized in making sure everything (models, auction, etc.) ran smoothly throughout the evening. No time to run off and play dress up, but maybe next time!


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