Simone on episode 1: Models, Bottles, and Intern Squabbles

I was so honored to be a part of the Angels for Africa party. I don't know many people who can work on a project and at the end of the day know that they helped save a life. Selita Ebanks told us there was one gynecologist in Sierra Leone. One! Can you imagine? Mother/infant death mortality rates there are sky high, and as a woman, that touches me deeply. The party raised so much money in such a short amount of time, and we can honestly say that those statistics will start to change. Russell never just throws a party; he does everything for a cause. It was a great success and although I never stopped working for a moment, I still got to put on a pretty party dress and hang with some of my friends like Brett Ratner who came 3000 miles just to support us.

When I found out the interns were shopping instead of running errands, I thought to myself, “Heck I would love to be at Bergdorf or Barneys right now,” but that is left for my private time. Of course, Running Russell means I'm available 24/7 to him, and believe me, I've taken many business calls from behind dressing room curtains. When you are technically sent out to do a task, you better make darn well sure you get it done if you work for us. I hope they learned their lesson.


I felt that Sagen and Aly allowed themselves to get a bit carried away by the moment at the Tyson shoot. Hey, if I see a particularly handsome male model, or a beautiful androgynous girl, I'm bound to notice them too, but you always have to be professional. I'm not an outrageous flirt anyway. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to turn my head (my friends always say I'm the most oblivious girl they know), so maybe I'm the wrong person to comment on this. But I can tell you that if I were drawn to someone at a shoot, nobody would be able to read it in my actions. Just maybe in my diary. :)



So far Aly and Sagen are having some growing pains going on but that's to be expected. I'm sure it’s a big adjustment to intern for someone as major as Russell Simmons. However, I can do my job at this point with my eyes closed. It’s tough, but I've been trained well so they just need to follow my lead and I think they will do just fine.

This season I've had to face some challenges in my private life, but you can expect to see me handling it as I try to handle everything with grace. You will also definitely see me doing what I do best...following my passion as an animal rights activist and outspoken vegan. Oh yeah, and I get a little naked…don't worry it's all for the cause. I can't give away any details. You will have to tune in to see it firsthand, but there's the scoop. Just call me the next Perez Hilton! Xoxo.

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