Tricia on episode 1: Models, Bottles, and Intern Squabbles

I convince celebrities to partner with Russell on large projects by leveraging their relationships with him, featuring the benefits, offering incentives, contributing to their charities, and highlighting the unique platform they'd be a part of. Oftentimes there are great synergies and alignments we create that are mutually beneficial. We like to work with celebs on our projects because it provides a more compelling experience, and enhances the overall program. We've come up with clever and distinct partnerships with celebs for digital campaigns, advertising programs and philanthropic efforts.

If I needed my twin sister to fill in for me at work, it would be an easy switch for the most part. We have the same fashion sense, work ethic, outgoing and upbeat personality, and "take charge" mentality. It might get a little tricky when you add Russell to the equation because you really need to know how to work with him. He has a distinct style, and always has 10 things going on at once, so you have to know how to get his attention. It's kind of like an art form. Come to think of it, having my twin fill in when needed could be the answer! When working for Russell you really have to master multi-tasking. There's not enough time in the day to do everything I need to do so having my sister on hand would be a game changer. Switching has proven to be successful for us throughout high school, college, and even when I stepped into her shoes when she was producing at Tyra. I had everyone fooled! ;)

These are the tips I'd give her:
-Make sure you communicate with Christina and Simone
-Russell doesn't like a lot of fluff
-Get to the point
-Think on your toes
-Don't drink the green juice (Russell always offers green juice)
-If you really need him, you might have to stake out outside his office, and as soon as his meeting ends, slip right in
-Get used to being around a lot of models
-Go with the flow
-Everything Russell does is for a reason
-Don't schedule another meeting too soon after a meeting with Russell because you’ll never stay on schedule
-Don't be alarmed if he sounds out of breath when he calls you—he's just on his treadmill
-Don't mess with his yoga—always know when it's scheduled so you don't book a meeting that conflicts
-Stand your ground
-He wants your insight and feedback
-Be prepared for ANYTHING

Overall, my twin sister and I have the same sensibility so she'd be able to rock it out! I so want to try the switch! ;)

Christina, Simone and I work well together. There's a high level of respect amongst us, and they are my "go-to girls" when it comes to getting on Russell's calendar. When I first started working for Russell they were a great source of information, and provided a lot of direction when it came to navigating around Russell. We also work on special projects together.

Here's the advice I'd give to people who want to do what I do:
-Get ready for some HARD WORK! I'm always willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes, even though I'm co-president.
-Lead by example.
-You have to pay your dues. Success doesn't happen overnight.
-Be proactive. I never wait for anyone to tell me to do something. I'm always a step ahead.
-Master the art of dealing with people. Running a business is all about the people—the people that work for you, the people you work for, the clients, celebrities, partners, etc.
-Working for Russell is awesome and fun, and there are instances where you're exposed to a lot, so you always need to know how to handle yourself in a professional manner.
-Be an expert in your field--never stop growing and learning. This way you know you're always an asset.
-Be creative and a strategic thinker.
-Always be on top of your game, and establish your competitive advantage. I'm always thinking of ways to grow the business, establish better partnerships, close bigger advertising deals with clients, etc.
-Have fun!
-Close deals—it's all about generating revenue! Show Russell the Money!

This season on Running Russell Simmons, you can expect to see a smart, sassy, and focused business-minded woman who works hard and plays hard. I juggle the day-to-day tasks of running Russell's digital company, and I do it with intelligence, class and grace. You'll also see the glamorous side of working on a celebrity-focused access, celebrities, and events.

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