10 Reasons We’re Excited for 'Sisterhood of Hip Hop'

You’ve seen the casting special (if not, watch above), now get excited for the whole season of Sisterhood of Hip Hop. The show follows the amazing journey of five up-and-coming female rappers: Diamond, Bia, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme and Siya as they climb the ladder in the cutthroat, male-dominated world of hip hop. From celebrity guests to fierce fashion, Sisterhood of Hip Hop has it all.

Here are 10 reasons to tune into the premiere of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, airing August 12th at 9/8c on Oxygen.

1. We Love Strong, Fearless Ladies!

We love strong, fearless, opinionated ladies and Sisterhood of Hip Hop is all about that. The show features five inspiring young women from all walks of life, working hard to make it in the music biz. Whether you’re starting a new chapter of your life like Diamond or repping your community like Siya, you know what it’s like to reach for your dreams. “Whatever your dream is, you have to want it,” Diamond says. We’re rooting for these talented ladies this season!

2. The Inside Scoop on Hip Hop

Hip hop isn’t all bling and champagne. “I just want to be heard,” says Siya. Sisterhood of Hip Hop digs beyond the headlines to offer a real-life view into the world of hip hop. Becoming a female rapper ain’t easy, and you’ll see the struggles every week firsthand as they strive for Platinum success.

3. Guest Stars

The road to hip hop superstardom is paved with celebrities. All the MCs have a unique journey to the top and a team of special mentors and celebrities along the way. Keep an eye out for big names like Pharrell, Rick Ross, Irv Gotti, Eve and Tank, and many, many more.

4. Family Matters

This season, we'll meet the families behind the rappers. From Diamond’s tight-knit Atlanta crew, to to Nyemiah Supreme’s complicated relationship with her mother, to Brianna Perry's bouts with her mom-ager Kiki, family love (and sometimes drama) is a part of being in the Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

5. Work/Life Balance

With their 24/7 schedules, it’s difficult for the stars to find balance between their work and personal lives. “It all comes down to you. Your work ethic,” says Bia. We’ll peek into Brianna Perry’s life as the talented overachiever tries to have it all: career, and a college degree. “They’re not gonna pass you just because you’re Brianna Perry,” she explains. Will Bri make the grade?

6. Fashion Rocks

Hot! Hot! Hot! When it comes to fashion, the Sisterhood of Hip Hop girls are killing it. Each one her own personal swag that comes out in every scene. Glamazons will love them some Diamond, while streetwear sweethearts will clamor to copy Bia’s looks. Stay tuned to our blog for our weekly "Get The Look" feature.

7. New Music

Keep your ears perked all season long for new music from the entire cast. You’ll catch them in the studio recording with famous producers, and even battling against other rappers. We’ll keep our blog stocked fresh with the latest tunes and music videos from the girls. Make sure to listen to Brianna Perry’s new single “I’m That B.I.T.C.H” right now!

8. Love is in the Air

Ah love. It can be awesome...and distracting. These girls will definitely have their ups and downs this season when it comes to matters of the heart. Who will make it to the altar and who will make it to heartbreak hotel? Will Siya and girlfriend Renee find true love? Will Diamond date another rapper after Soulja Boy? “In the past, my relationships have overshadowed my talent,” she muses. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

9. T.I.

Sisterhood of Hip Hop is executive produced by T.I. The multiplatinum recording artist and actor is a TV star in his own right. Did we mention that he’s female phenom Iggy Azalea’s mentor? If anyone knows what it takes to make it in hip hop and beyond, it’s definitely T.I.

10. All Love

No matter what they go through, the stars of Sisterhood of Hip Hop are really just that, a sisterhood. Despite the competition and their differences, in the end, the ladies are striving to build real friendships with each other based on camaraderie and respect. “Women have to come together,” says Nyemiah Supreme. We love it.

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