Brianna Perry: "With a Momager, There's No 'Off' Switch!"

I am so blessed to have Rick Ross and Fat Joe in my life. They watched me grow up, not only from a little girl to a young woman, but they also watched me develop as an artist. I grew up watching Rick Ross in the studio, and Fat Joe always took a liking to me because I was hungry and a go-getter. Both of them have always given me advice, and the fact that they loved my new single was exhilarating.

When it comes to having a momager: there’s no off switch! It’s a 24-7 thing, and frankly, we were bumping heads. I wanted to save our mother-daughter relationship. I think I was going through some growing pains. By firing her, I wanted to see if I could handle things by myself and call the shots. You could say I was testing myself.

However, in the end, I felt empty about it. It takes a strong team to be successful. I was shutting out someone who has been with me since the very beginning and wants to see me win more than anybody. I was enjoying great things, and she wasn’t there to enjoy those moments with me. That didn’t feel right.

I love making videos, but not having her there…it was a challenge! I had other things to focus on, and she could have minimized all the headaches. I love the end result of the video, but I knew that I had to re-hire my mom. She definitely won’t be missing any more videos. Right now, we’re taking it one day at a time. I joke around with her and say: “you don’t wanna get fired again!” So she’s on her toes!

On another note, I often get asked how I balance my career, school, and being on the show. Honestly, looking back: I don’t know how I did it! It took a lot out of me. I had a support system that always pushed me, but I also knew that I had no option but to go to school and graduate. The University of Miami has been my dream school since I was 8, so when I got accepted, I felt it was my duty to go.

I would tell any young woman who is pursuing a music career that you can go to college, too. In fact, it adds to the experience. College will help you with networking, discipline, and business. Knowledge is power.  

I hope that my story inspires!

Watch Rick Ross and Fat Joe talk to Brianna Perry in our 'Icons' Series!

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