Nyemiah to Diamond: Save the Advice for Someone Who Cares

This week’s episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop was interesting for me. I felt awkward watching the opening scene. Diamond was speaking about me as usual — bashing my performance, calling me Big Bird, and also bashing Lil Scrappy. Then she went into a prayer session. That was very suspect. The other girls, Siya and Bia, didn't state their opinions. They just nodded their heads at Diamond, and it looked to me like they were on her side.

I spoke a lot about being single and too focused on my career to have a love life. It is very hard to balance the two or build them at the same time. My date with Mack Wilds was funny. I had no idea how awkward I was around guys or discussing my past. I was sad that the date with Mack didn't go well, but hopefully I get to make it up. 

It does make me cringe to think about old relationships that failed. It makes me feel like a failure, because I couldn't make it work. The situation with my ex-boyfriend went bad once I looked through his cell phone and found out he wasn't who he was saying he really was. Although I found out the truth, I would never go through another boyfriend's cell phone again. I wouldn't want anyone invading my privacy and if you want to be in a relationship you need to be able to trust. That comes with maturity and I don't have that yet lol. 

The icing on the cake for Episode 3 was the Suite 55 "argument.” I have this thing about people voicing their opinions or offering me advice when I didn't request it. SAVE IT FOR SOMEONE WHO CARES!  Diamond can feel that Brianna should have headlined the show. I just wanted a valid reason as to why. She had none. She just made up things like "there was no crowd,” "nobody knows you,” and “your dancers are dusty.” Ten years in the game or not, Diamond doesn't have enough performance experience to help me. 

Siya was right… we shouldn't have been arguing like that. But there’s nothing wrong with a little back and forth, since we are all performers. 

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