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10 Of The Most Shocking Facts From The Scott Peterson Case

The Scott Peterson case is gruesome and shocking.

Snapped Notorious: Scott Peterson Kicks Off Snapped Season 20!

The most shocking fact of the Scott Peterson case was the crime itself: his wife, Laci Peterson was murdered and dismembered, and was eight months pregnant at the time. Their unborn son tragically lost his life. But there was so many more shocking details to the case, including the fact that Scott Peterson was put on death row without any hard evidence to actually link him to the murder. Here are some of the most shocking facts about the remorseless crime that took the life of a young mother and her unborn child.

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1. Laci Peterson Never Told Anyone About Her Marital Problems

Apparently, Scott and Laci had been having troubles, including Scott’s ongoing philandering, which Laci knew about (or at least about some). Scott also bought a 14-foot aluminium boat just weeks before she disappeared, which she never mentioned to her loved ones.




2. Scott Peterson Was Dating Another Woman

Scott was dating Amber Frey, who went to police in December, almost a month after Laci’s disappearance. Amber told police she had no idea Scott was married, and cooperated with police by letting them listen in on Scott’s phone calls.


3. Scott Called Amber During A Candlelight Vigil For His Wife

One of the phone calls police recorded between Amber and Scott occured while he was in attendance at a candlelight vigil for Laci.


4. Scott Pretended To Go To Paris To Celebrate The Holidays

In one of the calls to Amber, Scott pretended he was in Paris celebrating the New Year. He even faked connection issues.



5. When Laci’s Body Was Found, It Was In A Gruesome State

When Laci’s body was found in the San Francisco Bay, it was disarticulated, with limbs cut off, and badly decomposing. All of Laci’s internal organs were missing except the uterus.


6. The Baby Still Had The Umbilical Cord Attached

Laci’s baby was found a few days before her body was discovered. An autopsy revealed the baby’s umbilical cord, which was still attached, had been ripped, rather than cut, proving that the baby had been born after Laci died, and also died as a result of her murder.



7. Scott Peterson Was Acting Very Suspiciously When Police Caught Him

When Scott Peterson was finally arrested by police he was carrying $15,000 in cash, four cell phones, a gun, a fake driver’s license, camping equipment and a map to Amber Frey’s work, along with many other strange items. He had also dyed his hair and goatee. It seemed like he had a pretty comprehensive exit plan.


8. Scott Peterson Showed No Remorse In Court

Jurors believed that Scott had no remorse for his crime. They called him a “cold blooded killer”, and said that he appeared unfazed by the death of his wife and child. This was strong motivation for their guilty verdict.


9. There’s Actually No Evidence To Prove That Scott Did It

Despite the verdict, Scott couldn’t be connected to the murder in any material way. There was no DNA tying him to the deaths of Laci and the baby. He was convicted purely on circumstantial evidence, and many still believe he is innocent.



10. Scott Peterson Is Still In Prison

After receiving a death sentence, Scott is still alive and well. Executions haven’t been carried out in the state of California since 2006, so it’s likely he’ll live out the rest of his days in jail, living a life that’s been called “shockingly comfortable” by the media, with Scott’s own father, Lee Patterson, saying he’s “doing wonderfully”, a releif to those who believe he was unfairly incarcerated. Scott has recently launched an appeal of his case.

If you’re intrigued and want to know more, Oxygen’s “Snapped Notorious: Scott Peterson,” a two-part special premiers Sunday, May 7th at 6PM ET/PT.

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