6 Facts To Catch You Up On The Scott Peterson Case

The Scott Peterson case was high-profile in the media, and likely will be again as his appeal launches.

Oxygen's critically-acclaimed true-crime franchise, “Snapped,” launches its 20th season of mystery, murder and misconduct with “Snapped Notorious: Scott Peterson,” a two-part special premiering Sunday, May 7th at 6PM ET/PT

Scott Peterson killed his wife when she was eight months pregnant with their child. Or so the jury decided, despite the fact there was no actual evidence linking him to the crime, merely circumstance. In fact, Oxygen's two-part special will examine whether or not Peterson received a fair trial, analyze critical evidence that was never presented to the jury, and bring forth a different perspective that could lead to a new trial. To refresh your memory, here are five big facts about the Scott Peterson case.



1. Laci Peterson Was Missing For Nearly Four Months

Laci Peterson, Scott's wife, disappeared on christmas Eve, 2002. She was eight months pregnant at the time. The body of her son was found on April 13, 2003, and her body was recovered a few days later. During that time, the police, volunteers and Laci’s family never gave up the search for her.

2.  Laci Peterson’s Body Was Completely Dismembered

When Laci Peterson was found, it was headless and without limbs. She also had nylon tape wrapped around her neck.

3. Laci’s Body Expelled Her Unborn Child Post-Mortem

While it’s believed the baby didn’t come into the world as a result of a “coffin birth” (when a baby is expelled from a dead body as a result of gas build up inside the abdomen), Laci was killed with the baby in-utero. The child was “born” after she died, probably somehow slipping through a tear in Laci’s uterus. Autopsies show that the baby was likely still inside Laci’s body when she was killed, his minimally decomposed state due to the protection her uterus provided before he finally slipped out into the world. The baby is believed to have died inside Laci.

4. Scott Peterson Was Having Affairs

Laci’s husband was not only dating another woman, Amber Frey, he was a general love-rat who had many affairs over the years.

5. Scott Peterson Was Possibly Trying To Get Away When Police Caught Him

As suspicion mounted against Scott Peterson, it seemed like he had an exit plan. When he was finally arrested by police he was carrying $15,000 in cash, four cell phones, a gun, a fake driver’s license, camping equipment and a map to Amber’s work, along with many other strange items. He had also dyed his hair and goatee.

6. Scott Peterson Was Convicted Without DNA Evidence

The only evidence linking Scott to the crime is circumstantial. There was no DNA or other evidence to prove that he did it, but the jury convicted him anyway. Fifteen years after being handed a death sentence for his crime, Scott Peterson is still languishing in prison. The last execution carried out in California was in 2006, so it’s unlikely Scott will ever receive his full sentence. 

If you’re intrigued and want to know more, Oxygen’s “Snapped Notorious: Scott Peterson,” a two-part special premiers Sunday, May 7th at 6PM ET/PT.

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