6 Shocking Hit Man Crimes That Will Leave You Speechless

These murders by professional killers will shock you.

Guns for hire have been romanticized by Hollywood--Léon, anyone? But in reality, the life of a hit man is far more brutal. Indeed, looking at the crimes of any hired assassin will leave you squirming. It can be gruesome out there, for the victim of a paid hit. These six hit men are responsible for some pretty gory crimes, and will leave you speechless. Read on at your own risk of being seriously grossed out.

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1. Playing With His Food

Leader of far-right nationalist group, the Grey Wolves, Abdullah Catli was involved in multiple crimes and murders throughout his career. In 1987, for instance, with other members of the Grey Wolves he partook in the murder of seven students they thought were Communists. After serving time for drug smuggling in the ‘80s, Catli began working as a hit man for the Turkish police, targeting members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Catli was so cold, he would con money from his victims by telling them he would protect them in return for a fee. After gaining their trust, he would have them kidnapped and murdered. How’s that for some seriously twisted psychological torture? It’s believed that Catli was responsible for the murder of some 4,000 people.

2. The Minced Victims


Let’s put John Childs in context: one journalist who interviewed him said “the only time he laughs is when he talks about killing.” Perhaps the inspiration for Fargo, Childs infamously passed the remains of his victims through an industrial mincer. If that wasn’t shocking enough, his first hit, in 1974, resulted him also killing his adult victim’s 10-year-old son so there wouldn’t be a witness.

3. Catch Me If You Can


One of Australia’s most famous hit men, Christopher Dale Flannery was nicknamed “Mr. Rent-A-Kill.” He was known for having a price tag on an arm, a leg, and even a child. In one hit, Flannery allegedly emptied a clip into a man named Roger Wilson, who he drove into the wilderness to kill. The body wasn’t found, so he was acquitted of murder in court--but arrested for another murder as he literally walked out of the courtroom. Flannery wasn’t just good at murder, he was good at getting out of trouble, and faked a medical certificate saying he was unfit for trial, which eventually got him acquitted again.



4. Glass Half Full?


Known as Barry the Bear, Bernard Hunwick is believed to have killed up to 300 people, but was only actually convicted of one murder, in 1999. Hunwick was known for casually beating his victims half to death. Most infamously however, he filled a victim’s mouth with broken glass before beating him to death.

5. Horror Movie

Another Australian assassin, Rodney Collins’ most infamous crime was like something out of a horror movie. In 1987, he dressed up as a police officer and forged a police warrant in order to get into the house of drug dealer Ray Abbey and his wife Dorothy Abbey. Once inside, he shot the couple and slit their throats, while their young children were in their bedrooms. The following morning, the children found the bodies of their murdered parents.

6. Hit Gone Wrong

Shelly Carter, a dog groomer from Middletown, Ohio, hired a hitman to kill her husband in a faked car “accident.” The story is a shocking one, but not for the reasons you might think. When the hitman found out Shelly’s two children would be in the car, and she didn’t care if they died, he had a change of heart. Instead of carrying out the hit, he went straight to the police and turned Shelly in.


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