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Men Fed To Pigs, Alien Conspiracy Theories And More Feature In Most Memorable Episodes Of 'Snapped'

"Snapped" has featured many disturbing and jaw-dropping murder cases over the past 29 seasons.

By Becca van Sambeck
Celeste Johnson Betty Broderick Susan Monica

For more than 500 episodes, "Snapped" has brought viewers deep dives into the most shocking, notorious cases of female murderers of all time. Whether they were motivated by greed, jealousy, or fear, these women just snapped — murdering rivals, partners, exes, family members, and more.

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Season 30 of "Snapped," which premieres Sunday, October 10 at 6/5c, will be bringing more jaw-dropping murder cases to our screens. And in honor of this monumental season, we're reflecting on the most memorable episodes of "Snapped" of all time. Some of these cases gripped the entire nation, others have bizarre details that you just couldn't make up. Either way, these episodes remain etched in viewers' brains.

1. Celeste Beard Johnson - Season 1, Episode 1

We have to include the first woman who "snapped" on this list. The premiere episode focused on Celeste Beard Johnson, the wife of a Texas millionaire who turned up dead. Did she plot his death with the help of her alleged lover, Tracey Tarlton?

2. Susan Monica - Season 29, Episode 2

While investigating the disappearance of an Oregon handyman, authorities ended up on Susan Monica's farm. Monica soon confessed to feeding two men to her pigs — did she do it to others, too? 

3. Misook Wang - Season 20, Episode 7

Misook Wang was found guilty of strangling her mother-in-law — and now her ex-boyfriend, Barton McNeil, has accused her of killing his child. (Wang has never been a suspect in the case). Wang spoke out about the accusation, as did McNeil in a recent episode of "Snapped: Behind Bars."

4. Linda Henning - Season 6, Episode 15

Girly Chew moved from Malaysia to the United States to marry a doctor named Diazien Hossencofft. Then, she disappeared. The ensuing investigation uncovered Hossencofft's various workplace cons, a secret girlfriend named Linda Henning, and bizarre conspiracy theories about UFOs, aliens, and lizard queens.

5. Jodi Arias - Season 11, Episode 9 and 10

In this two-part episode, viewers dive into the infamous case of an Arizona photographer who stabbed and shot her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She claimed it was self-defense, but a jury decided otherwise. Why did this particular case spark a wave of headlines?

6. Amy Fisher - Season 24, Episode 1

At the age of 17, Amy Fisher became one of the nation's most notorious criminals when she attempted to kill her lover's wife,  Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Buttafuoco, who survived the teen's attack, tells her side of the story in this "Snapped" episode.

7. Betty Broderick - Season 25, Episode 11

Betty Broderick became a household name when the scorned woman shot and killed her ex-husband Daniel T. Broderick III, and his second wife, Linda Broderick. The breakdown of the Brodericks' marriage, Betty's disturbing behavior before the murders, and the family's reaction is explored in this episode.

For more memorable episodes of "Snapped," watch the Season 30 premiere on Sunday, October 10 at 6/5c on Oxygen or stream episodes here.