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"You Got Your Hands Full With Me Now": Woman Manipulates Man Into Murdering Her Former Lover

"I guess everybody has got that one person that you just can't shake, and I believe that was his," Jeff Boldridge, the brother of murder victim Kurt Boldridge, said of Kurt's ex-wife, Lisa. 

By Caitlin Schunn

He was the nice guy. She was the wild girl. Together they created a passionate couple — until the hate was stronger than the love. Lisa Boldridge was suspected of killing her ex-husband, Kurt, but were other people involved?

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Kurt Boldridge was in his early 20s when he met Lisa. Already divorced once with a daughter, Brandi, Kurt kept this relationship private from his family until 1985, when Lisa gave birth to their son. To the surprise of Kurt’s family, the two were married four months later.

“I never heard any announcement, I never heard, ‘Kurt was getting married to Lisa,’” Clinton Boldridge, Kurt’s brother, told Snapped.

The two had a contentious marriage and were “on and off” for years, according to family, until they got divorced in 1991.

“Even though they were divorced, she was always making sure that he stayed in her life,” said Jeff Boldridge, Kurt’s brother. “I guess everybody has got that one person that you just can’t shake, and I believe that was his.”

A mugshot of Lisa Boldridge

In the late ‘90s, Kurt began dating a woman named Sandy Wilson, and in October 1998, the two married for barely a year. After his third divorce, Lisa was by his side again.

“It just started right back up like it had never stopped,” Jeff Boldridge said. “He would always go back to try and get back together, so they would be together. As I said, she had some kind of, whatever it is, the thing that he just could not leave.”

But on March 24, 2000, Atchison County deputies were called Kurt's home after his mother called 911, saying it had been close to a week since she’d heard from him after he was supposed to have returned from a fishing trip.

At his home for a welfare check, deputies forced their way into the locked house and immediately were hit with smell.

Deputies followed the smell to the bedroom, where they pulled the comforter down on the bed, revealing Kurt’s body.

“It seemed consistent with a body that had been in that location for anywhere between a week and 10 days,” said Timothy Dennis, former KBI Senior Special Agent, told Snapped. “They found blood splatter on the headboard.”

Dennis believed Boldridge had been killed with a near contact shotgun wound to the side of the head. There were no signs of struggle or forced entry at the home.

Kurt’s family members agreed there was only one suspect.

“When they said he was murdered, there was only one person I could think about,” Jeff Boldridge said. “They seemed happy, but as soon as they would split, the claws came out, the horns came out. She was a completely, you wouldn’t think that it was the same person that you’d seen before.”

Family members quickly reported to police that Lisa Boldridge had been exhibiting destructive and criminal behavior toward Kurt for years, including breaking his truck windows. Kurt's daughter Brandi Boldridge also reported Lisa had set fire to his home twice, in August 1995 and again in September 1995, with the second fire burning the house down almost completely.

Lisa was convicted of two counts of arson and sentenced to 46 months behind bars. But when she was released in April 1999, Kurt and Lisa continued to see each other. But Kurt had also been recording conversations with Lisa, which police discovered after his murder:

One recording captured Lisa saying, "I hope you and your little f---ing bitch had time to get things worked out tonight ‘cuz you got your hands full with me now." I another, she said, "You got time in the world for everybody but me, but I’ma start making time for me and whoever the **** I want.”

A nurse told police she took a call at Atchison Hospital from Lisa on the same day police found Kurt, who wanted to speak to her sister who worked at the hospital. She then told the nurse police had just found her ex-husband dead.

“She’s making comments to what happened, where he was shot, where he was located in the home, before we even knew,” Dennis said. “It became very aware to us that Lisa Boldridge knew something about this homicide.”

When questioned by police, Lisa gave them a motive for Kurt’s murder, mentioning that she’d been to the social security office to find out what the benefits would be for her son if Kurt died — but assured them it was just coincidental.

Four months after Kurt’s murder, Lisa agreed to take a polygraph test and failed, and was then arrested for first-degree murder.

Lisa denied any involvement in Kurt’s murder, and said she’d been told by a man named Kirk Wilson that Kurt was dead, possibly by a shotgun wound. Police discovered Wilson also had motive to want Kurt Boldridge dead.

“When Kirk went to prison, Kurt Boldridge hooked up with Sandy White, Kirk Wilson’s ex-wife,” Larry Myer, former Asher Co. Sheriff’s Investigator, told Snapped. “Sandy White and Kurt Boldridge got married.”

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Lisa told police Kirk Wilson had called her to help get rid of a shotgun, and also offered the names of John Goodpasture and Gary Skeen as people who might know what happened. Wilson, Goodpasture, and Skeen were all friends, and all also had criminal backgrounds.

Police soon got a big break, when Kim Wilson, Kirk’s second wife, called the sheriff’s office, and claimed Kirk had admitted to her he was involved in the murder during a fight.

Kirk Wilson had accused his friend John Goodpasture of having a romantic relationship with Kim and allegedly said he would kill him like he had killed Kurt Boldridge.

On Sept. 19, 2000, John Goodpasture was arrested on drug charges, and decided to talk to police about Kurt’s murder in exchange. He said on March 18, about a week before Kurt’s body was discovered, Kirk re-told a story Lisa had shared with him — a story that lit the match for murder.

“Because Kurt Boldridge was married to Kirk Wilson’s ex-wife at one point, there were times when the Wilsons' son was in the same home with Kurt Boldridge,” criminologist Dr. Casey Jordan said. “Lisa told Kirk that her ex-husband Kurt had sexually abused his son. She would make up a lie to get anything she wanted. Kirk was wound up, his anger was contagious."

Lisa and the men then hatched a plan to kill Kurt Boldridge. She told the men there were drugs in his house they could have as a reward, police said.

Officers said Goodpasture confessed the group drove to Kurt’s home and got in through Lisa’s key to the home. In the bedroom, Goodpasture said Lisa grabbed Kurt’s shotgun leaning against a wall, gave it to Kirk, and Kirk shot Kurt in the head while he was sleeping. Kirk and Lisa then dumped the shotgun in the Missouri River.

“The plan was to piss Kirk Wilson off so bad that he would kill him [Kurt Boldridge] and she was going to get away scot-free,” Clinton Boldridge said.

Investigators never found any proof that Kurt Boldridge sexually abused Kirk Wilson’s son.

Kirk Wilson went on trial in June 2001, where a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He won an appeal in 2016, modifying his sentence to manslaughter. He was released from prison on parole in 2019.

Gary Skeen took a plea deal of 14 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and is now out of prison.  

In exchange for testifying at Lisa Boldridge’s trial in a plea deal, John Goodpasture was charged with aggravated burglary and got 24 months of probation.

Lisa’s defense attorneys argued she only played a minor role in opening the house for the others, and didn’t fire the gun. But after a three-day trial, she was found guilty of first-degree murder.

A judge sentenced her to life — and added she must serve 50 years before being eligible for parole. In 2005, her sentence was overturned, and she was re-sentenced to 25 years to life.

Lisa Boldridge is eligible for parole in 2025.

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