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Florida Man Confesses To Dumping Friend's Boyfriend In Creek After She Shot Him

Almost a year after Paul Shealey’s body was found floating in a creek, Danielle “Deaucy” Reddick confessed to dumping his remains after his friend, Olicia Lee, gunned him down.

By Benjamin H. Smith

Paul Shealey Jr. loved women, and they loved him back.  

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“He was real popular with the ladies,” his son, Paul Shealey III, told Oxygen’s “Snapped.”  

By the age of 30, he had eight children with different women. But when one girlfriend got tired of his wandering eye, she put a bullet in his head. 

Born in 1969, Shealey was an only child and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. He loved traveling and joined the Navy following high school. After four years, he was discharged for medical reasons and returned home, where he worked various jobs. 

At different points in his life, he was a car salesman, a funeral home manager, and a day laborer. He spent his spare time socializing at local nightclubs and spending money on fancy clothes.  

“He always loved to hang out, have fun. He was a very, very popular person,” former girlfriend Aisha James told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c

While Shealey never settled down with any of his children’s mothers, he was a devoted father.  

“All he talked about was his kids. He loved his kids unconditionally,” James said. “They were his pride and joy. He even had all of his kids tattooed on him.”  

In 1998, Shealey was dropping off one of his kids at daycare when he met Olicia “Lisa” Lee. Like Paul, she was a Jacksonville native and a single parent with three young children. They hit it off almost immediately, and the two moved in together that summer.  

To the outside world, everything seemed fine until the winter of 2001. 

On Feb. 28, a fisherman discovered a man’s body floating in Lofton Creek in Yulee, Florida, a rural area surrounded by state parks and historic preserves, which is just a short drive from Northwestern Jacksonville.    

Although accidental drowning deaths were not uncommon in the area, investigators with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office quickly realized they were dealing with a murder.  

“I had walked down the boat dock to see the body,” former Nassau County Sheriff’s Office Detective Gregory Foster told “Snapped.” “I remember that there was actually a fish that came swimming away from his head area, at which time I looked down, and there was an obvious hole in the head.” 

While the unidentified body was transported to the medical examiner’s office, a dive team searched for evidence in the creek. 

“They recovered a 5-by-7 area rug, a shower curtain, a piece of green cloth, a set of needle nose pliers, a piece of a gold chain,” Foster told “Snapped.” 

Divers also recovered a pair of eyeglasses, which “looked more like a woman’s glasses,” former Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detective R.V. Nelson told producers. The medical examiner later determined the victim had died from a single gunshot wound from either a .38 or .380 caliber weapon.  

“It was advised by the medical examiner’s office a single gunshot wound to the head was the cause of death, and the method was a homicide,” Foster said. 

After running the victim’s fingerprints through the state database, they received a positive identification match to Paul Shealey Jr. When investigators informed his family of his death, Shealey’s brother said that his clothes might have made him a target for robbery. 

“He always had jewelry and nice clothes and money,” Nelson told “Snapped.” 

Detectives then spoke to Lee, who claimed she hadn’t seen Shealey since he left for a business trip on Feb. 25. Lee said that Shealey was supposed to be gone for several days, but she did not know what type of business he was involved in. 

“She indicated that she knew that he was getting money in less than lawful means but was unable to give us details on what those unlawful means were,” Foster told producers. 

Olicia Lee Spd 2719

Lee said that wherever Shealey went, he was armed with two .380 pistols, and that the guns had been missing from the house since Shealey left. She also claimed that their home had recently been burglarized, and clothing, jewelry, and a VCR had been stolen. 

When detectives asked for Shealey’s phone number and carrier, Lee said it was registered to Aisha James, who Lee claimed had recently called and threatened her over the phone.  

At the time, James was seven months pregnant with Shealey’s son, and she told investigators that they had been dating for nearly a year. While she knew he had a girlfriend, she was “just in love and infatuated with him,” James told “Snapped.” 

James, meanwhile, told investigators she had spoken to Lee only once, after calling Shealey on his phone weeks earlier.  

“She answered the phone and she questioned me, and I told her who I was,” James told producers. “At that time, she cussed me out. She called me a bitch, and she said, ‘Don’t call this phone no more.’” 

Although detectives interviewed numerous witnesses and followed up on multiple tips, the case went cold until nine months later, when a man came forward to confess that his friend had told him he had helped dispose of Shealey’s body.  

The friend’s name was Danielle “Deucy” Reddick, and he was already incarcerated for attempted burglary. When interviewed by authorities, Reddick said Lee had wanted Shealey murdered.  

“She asked me would I do it, was it hard, and did I ever kill anybody?” Reddick said in a recording obtained by “Snapped.”  

Reddick said he refused to kill Shealey, and he thought the matter was over until Lee called him one night.  

“She said she sent him on his way. She sent him home,” Reddick told detectives. “She killed him.” 

Reddick, his girlfriend, Patricia Bryant, and two other people, Robert Williams and his girlfriend, La Vida Mitchell, went to Lee’s home where they found Shealey dead in bed with blood coming from his head. They then took Shealey’s body out to Yulee and dumped it in the creek, believing it would be eaten by alligators.  

Afterward, Lee rewarded them by divvying up Shealey’s gold jewelry and sneaker collection.  

In April 2003, authorities obtained a search warrant for Lee’s home and sprayed it with luminol, illuminating an abundance of blood on the wall and floor of the master bedroom. 

When Lee was brought in for questioning, she initially denied having anything to do with the murder. At one point, however, she pulled out a pair of reading glasses, which looked identical to those found at the crime scene.  

Detectives confronted her with the evidence, and she confirmed the glasses were hers, ultimately confessing to the crime. Lee admitted that she was fed up with Shealey’s philandering and decided to murder him in early 2001. She even claimed Reddick advised her to use a hollowed-out potato as a makeshift silencer.  

She said that on the morning of Feb. 25, 2001, Shealey returned home from a night out clubbing as she was preparing to take her children to church. While he got into bed to sleep off the night before, she fed her kids and told them to stay in the front of the house.  

She then took one of Shealey’s revolvers and placed a potato on its end.  

“I was trying to use two hands ‘cause this hand [the right] was moving,” she said in a recording obtained by “Snapped.” “I was trying, and I was holding it in this hand. And I was trying to, you know, hold the thing, and this hand kept shaking. And the trigger went, and the potato exploded.”   

After fatally shooting Shealey in the head, Lee took her children to church. Later, she dropped them off at her aunt’s house and called her friends for help disposing of his body.  

Lee was charged with first-degree murder, and those who helped her dump Shealey’s body were also taken into custody. All of Lee’s co-conspirators took plea deals and received sentences between three to five years in prison. They have since finished their terms and have been released from custody.   

In March 2006, Lee pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison, according to the Florida Department of Corrections. Now 48, she will be released from prison in September 2033, at which time she will be 61 years old.  

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