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'You Can Crawl': Rapper's Murder Is Filmed On His Cellphone After Ex Attacks Him

Rahim Grant's mother advised him to start filming videos on his cell phone after his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Ciera Harp, started becoming contentious.

By Benjamin H. Smith

Atlanta rapper Red Beezy often spoke of the dangers of street life. But it wasn’t the streets that killed him — it was the mother of his child. 

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Beezy’s real name was Rahim Grant. He was born in Fayetteville, Georgia in 1989 and started making music when he was just 3 and a half years old. 

“He started doing the drums and then he went from there on the microphone. He was on 'Showtime at the Apollo' at age 7,” his mother, Geraldine Grant Bryson, told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen.

Besides rapping, Grant also learned how to be a recording engineer and music producer. By his 20s, he was an established hip hop artist and producer in Atlanta.

In 2013, Grant met fan Ciera Harp. She asked for an autograph and a job. Grant put her to work promoting his shows.    

Ciera Harp was born in 1989 and had a troubled life. Her uncle, Ted Thurmond, would later testify that she grew up in an abusive environment, according to Atlanta NBC-affiliate WXIA-TV

Ciera Harp Spd 3009

“There were times when there was a lot of physical abuse, there was mental abuse, there was emotional abuse," Thurmond said.

As a teenager, Harp got into trouble at school and was known for getting into fights. 

“She always kept a knife on her. A little pocket knife. She told me that she had gotten kicked out of school for stabbing somebody over a boy,” ex-boyfriend Dee Smith told “Snapped.” 

Within months, Grant and Harp’s relationship went from professional to romantic, and Harp eventually became pregnant with Grant’s child. In November 2014, their daughter, Angel Grant, was born. Though he would split up with Harp, Grant was a dedicated father. 

“He loved his daughter and when he got his daughter he became the greatest dad. His whole world changed,” Grant Bryson said.

In December 2017, Grant was planning an extensive tour. Harp was staying with him at the time, having been kicked out of the place where she was living. 

Her behavior soon became erratic. She flew into jealous rages. Grant’s mother advised him to record any altercations he had with Harp on his cellphone. 

"[I told him] get the video, record it, and lay the phone down," Grant Bryson told Atlanta ABC-affiliate WSB-TV

At 10:50 p.m. on Dec. 29, 2017, a woman called 911, saying Harp had shown up at her door bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds. In her arms was her 3-year-old daughter.  

When police arrived on the scene they found Harp hysterical and incoherent. Her legs were covered in stab wounds and she was bleeding profusely. 

“The neighbor had kind of gotten a little bit of information, that there had been a domestic [incident] but she had no idea where Rahim was. And so the neighbor actually locked the door behind them because she was concerned that Rahim was going to come after Ciera in some way, shape or form,” prosecutor John Fowler told “Snapped.”

Authorities went to Grant’s home, where they found him dead, face down on the floor between the bathroom and bedroom.  

“Officers were able to observe at least three bullet wounds, two in his back and one in his head,” Clayton County District Attorney’s Investigator John Gosart told “Snapped.” 

During a search of Grant’s home, investigators found a bloody push knife, whose blade protrudes from between the index and middle fingers. They collected it as evidence as well as Grant’s cellphone. At the neighbor’s home, investigators found a Ruger LCP .380 pistol which Harp had brought with her. It was registered to a member of Grant’s family. 

Harp wouldn’t tell investigators what had happened. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit and her injuries required immediate medical attention. 

“She was fighting with the medical techs. She was combative. She did not want to be dealt with. She was intoxicated,” Gosart said.

Investigators assumed they were looking at a straightforward case of justifiable homicide. They believed Grant attacked Harp with the knife found at his home and she shot him in self-defense. 

Grant Bryson, however, told investigators her son had never been violent with women. 

“I have never seen him hit a girl. That’s what I kept telling them,” Grant Bryson said.

Grant Bryson told investigators Harp was obsessed with Grant, who only maintained a relationship with her in the interest of seeing his child. At the time of his death, Grant was in the process of obtaining full parental rights. 

An autopsy of Grant’s body soon showed he had been shot seven times, according to WSB. 

“Rahim had been shot in his upper back, his lower back, twice in one arm, twice in the other arm, and once in his head,” Gosart said.

These gunshot wounds did not suggest Harp was defending herself when she shot Grant. His body also showed cuts to his forehead and the back of his shoulder, which occurred before he was shot.

Harp spoke with investigators on Jan. 4, 2018, after being released from the hospital.

“I don’t remember how anything started,” Harp says in her videotaped interview, which was obtained by “Snapped.”

I remember cooking dinner and him drinking and him taking 3 Xanaxes ... I knew to be on guard, meaning, like, not to upset him or anything like that because he was very abusive,” she says.

Harp claimed Grant had abused her for years. On the night of the shooting, he began beating her, she said, and she fell to the floor, at which point her knife fell out of a holster on her ankle. She alleged Grant grabbed the knife and began stabbing her. She said she was unable to see because her own blood was running into her eyes, and in the middle of the beating, she grabbed Grant’s gun off him and began shooting wildly. 

“I couldn’t see anything, I just started shooting ... I  remember turning around and I saw my daughter and I grabbed her and I just ran. And then I woke up in the hospital,” Harp tells detectives. 

When asked how Grant received his stab wounds, Harp replied, “He probably stabbed himself but I didn’t stab him.”

 Harp had no answer for how Grant received the gunshot wound to the top of his head, which would indicate he was already incapacitated at the time.  

Though investigators now believed Grant’s death was more than a simple case of self-defense, they lacked the evidence to charge Harp with murder. Grant Bryson told investigators about the videos on her son’s phone but they were unable to access them without his passcode. However, they finally got the passcode from Harp. 

When investigators watched the videos, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “There were four videos of the murder right there in front of us,” Fowler said.

“Y’all see this? This what this bitch did to me,” a bloodied Grant says while filming himself in the first video, which was obtained by “Snapped.” “Look at this knife ... Y'all see all this s--t that Ciera Harp did to me?”

Harp is heard yelling at Grant from behind before the loud pop of a gunshot is heard, and then another. Grant falls to the floor. His groans are clearly audible as Harp enters the room and continues yelling at him. 

In three subsequent videos, now being filmed by Harp, she tries to establish her self-defense claims. Though she has no stab wounds on her legs at first, by the final video, there is blood on her face. 

“I love you and you did me wrong!” Harp yells at Grant. He begs for water, then asks to hold his child. 

“He wants to kiss Angel and she says, ‘You can crawl to her motherf--cker,’ and she shoots him twice,”Gosart described.

On Feb 22, 2018, Ciera Harp was arrested for the murder of Rahim Grant. 

In May 2019, a jury found Ciera Harp, 29, guilty of malice murder and aggravated assault, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper. 

Harp was sentenced to 125 years in prison in June 2019, according to WSB-TV. Angel Grant is currently being raised by Geraldine Grant Bryson. 

For more on this case and others like it, watch "Snapped," airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen, or stream episodes here.

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