Mary Jo Buttafuoco Opens Up About Her Attack In Emotional Interview with 'Martinis & Murder'

She talks about forgiving Amy Fisher but not forgetting.

Snapped 2401: The Day of the Attack
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Mary Jo Buttafuoco was a household name in the 90s after she survived a near-fatal gunshot wound by her husband's lover Amy Fisher. Mary Jo gives her side of the story in the season 24 premiere of "Snapped" which is now available to watch here or on the Oxygen NOW app.

Mary Jo stopped by to chat with John Thrasher and Daryn Carp, co-hosts of Oxygen's true-crime podcast Martinis & Murder. In the episode, Mary Jo is an open book, often joking and making light of her horrific attack 26 years ago. There were also moments where Mary Jo reflected on the seriousness of the situation and the emotional toll it took on her and her family. Responding about the impact of her attack on her children, Mary became emotional when talking to Daryn and John. "It was more about making sure mommy was okay. I was not aware of it but they brought them to the hospital. I had tubes, they said, everywhere. My head was out to here. They didn't know if I was going to live or die. And they brought them in, and that breaks my heart because I don't have any recollection of it," Mary Jo says with a shaking voice. "I just think, I hurt for them. Oh my God they were just little kids and had this thrown at them," she continues.

Check out the full episode of Martinis & Murder with Mary Jo Buttafuoco below, and be sure to catch the Snapped episode here or on the Oxygen NOW app.

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