Sharon Martin: Here's Why the Jodi Arias Crime Scene is Shocking

Snapped Producer and Narrator Sharon Martin blogs daily leading up to the two-part special event on Jodi Arias Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9/8c and Monday, Dec. 16 at 10/9c. 
The scene of Travis Alexander's murder is a shocking one. There is blood on the floor of the bathroom, on the sink and the counter. There's even more blood outside the bathroom in the bedroom. But his body was found in the shower.
[embed:render:file:24066:full]Prosecutors suspect the attack by Jodi Arias began in that shower, which means after the initial attack Travis moved across the room to the sink and then eventually toward the bedroom. At some point, he was shot and his body dragged back into the shower. 
During the trial, the prosecutor estimated that Travis suffered for at least two minutes.  And he asked the jury to sit silent for two full minutes to feel just how long that was. Juror Diane Schwartz told Snapped that really made an impact on her, knowing how long the attack lasted. She also said the crime scene photos were very upsetting to some of the other jurors.  
Those pictures tell the jury how much he moved around, how much blood he was losing. They paint a terrifying picture of the end of a man's life. 
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