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Twins, A Doctor's Murder, And Conspiracy — What Exactly Is The ‘Lost Episode' Of ‘Snapped’?

"Snapped" producers reveal the reason that this secret episode got "lost."

By Gina Tron
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Oxygen’s “Snapped” is one of the most iconic true crime shows of all time — in fact, it's now celebrating its 500th episode. To commemorate the monumental occasion, "Snapped" has released a secret “lost episode" of the show.

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“Snapped” is Oxygen's longest-running original series. Since the show’s debut in 2004, "Snapped" has engaged millions of viewers with in-depth investigations, exclusive interviews, and intimate looks into the minds of murderers who just, well, snapped.

The 500th episode which focuses on the grisly murder of Randy Sheridan, a man who was shot five times in his small Kansas town will air on Oxygen on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 6/5c. As a precursor to that monumental episode, Oxygen has aired "Snapped: The Episode You Never Saw" on Oxygen's Facebook page, premiering on Friday, Nov. 20 at 9/8c. So what's it all about?

The riveting episode focuses on the death of millionaire doctor Jack Wilson, who was found beaten to death inside his luxurious Alabama home in 1992. Similar to other “Snapped” episodes, his wife was indeed involved. However, what sets this episode apart was some alleged double trouble. Jack Wilson's wife of 14 years, Betty Wilson, was always known for being a bit of a wild child, particularly in the small town where she grew up alongside her non-identical twin, Peggy Lowe. 

While they were twins, they were nothing alike. Growing up, Peggy was a popular homecoming queen while Betty ran with a rougher crowd. Peggy grew up to marry a choir master, settle down in a small town, and teach first grade while Betty set her sights on snagging a rich husband, according to the secret episode. When Betty married Jack, she lived a fancy life — yet she was not loyal to the man who made it possible. Instead, she cheated on him regularly and abused alcohol. 

The siblings were different, but they were close — allegedly close enough to plot a murder together. Peggy befriended a carpenter named James White and the twins allegedly offered him $5K to have him kill Jack. The end goal: for Betty to inherit his $6.3 million estate. 

Just like in the small-town community where the twins grew up, the juries in both sisters’ separate trials viewed the siblings in very different lights. While Betty was convicted of capital murder in 1995, Peggy was acquitted entirely. "Snapped" asks the question: Did the jury judge the pair on their lifestyles alone?

James White and Betty Wilson are now both serving life sentences.

The scintillating episode is actually the "pilot” for the show. While the pilot is clearly from a past era, it was obviously so compelling it landed the producers a regular show, a show that has become one of the most popular true crime shows ever.

During Friday's Oxygen watch party on Facebook, producers Todd Moss and Deborah Allen were present to answer fan questions. They noted, "Here's hoping we do have another 500 [episodes]. There are so many incredible stories that we still haven't told!"

The never-before-aired pilot is available for a limited time on YouTube as well as on demand.

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