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Constance Tomich

S24/EP23 |
Aired: February 10, 2019
The peace of an Indiana town is interrupted on Valentine’s Day 2003, when police receive a report of a violent murder. 43:52

Deidra Griffin

S24/EP22 |
Aired: January 27, 2019
When the decaying body of a Baltimore man is discovered in his garage, detectives use advanced law enforcement technology to pinpoint a cunning killer. 43:52

Teresa Rodgers

S24/EP21 |
Aired: January 20, 2019
The suspicious shooting of a delivery truck driver shrouds the Sunshine State in darkness. 43:52

Patricia Monsell

S24/EP20 |
Aired: January 13, 2019
The murder of a New Jersey entrepreneur leaves investigators stumped… until months later, when a drug bust brings to light a murder plot riddled with greed, addiction, and betrayal. 43:52

Marcela Whaley

S24/EP19 |
Aired: January 6, 2019
An investigation into the heinous murder of a college student in Las Vegas ignites an international manhunt and exposes a lethal love triangle. 43:52

Theresa Tolliver

S24/EP18 |
Aired: December 23, 2018
Two young boys are left fatherless when an Air Force sergeant is gunned down by a pair of intruders in his San Antonio home. 43:52

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