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Sharon Halstead

S25/EP7 |
Aired: April 21, 2019
When a young mother is executed and her family critically injured, investigators piece together haunting clues and an earlier murder to capture deranged killers with a spiritual calling. 43:52

Lisa Jones-Orock

S25/EP6 |
Aired: April 14, 2019
Police in a small Pennsylvania town respond to an eyewitness report of a murder behind a grocery store and find that the victim is no stranger to law enforcement. 43:52

Opal Williams

S25/EP5 |
Aired: April 7, 2019
When police searching for a missing Indiana man discover a body on a riverbank, they launch an investigation that unearths a surprising story of an open marriage and evidence of a brutal torture. 43:52

Alisha Noel-Murray

S25/EP4 |
Aired: March 31, 2019
After a man is shot just a few feet inside his New York home, the ensuing investigation brings to light a murder-for-hire plot spurred by greed. 43:52

Uloma Curry-Walker

S25/EP3 |
Aired: March 24, 2019
When a revered fire lieutenant is gunned down in his driveway, detectives navigate stories of a long-standing neighborhood feud and a surprise cancer scare to piece together a conspiracy plot involving young pawns manipulated by a cunning mastermind. 43:52

Anne Throneberry

S25/EP2 |
Aired: March 17, 2019
An investigation into the disappearance of an Arkansas couple leads a law enforcement team on a manhunt through the rugged terrain of the Ozarks… and into unforeseen danger. 43:52

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Snapped Bonus: The Case of Sharon Lee Halstead (Season 25, Episode 7)

Snapped Bonus: The Case of Sharon Lee Halstead (Season 25, Episode 7)

S25/EP7 Members of law enforcement and others close to Sharon Lee Halstead recall her case and sentencing. Halstead was given a minimum of 75 years in prison for the murder of Lynnann Greene, the attempted murders of David and Nathaniel Greene, and the murder of Marston Lemke.
Snapped: Rainey Stanley Calls 911 (Season 25, Episode 8)

Snapped: Rainey Stanley Calls 911 (Season 25, Episode 8)

On April 10, 2015, Rainey Stanley calls the 911 dispatch center in Anderson, Indiana, to report his girlfriend, Samantha Fleming, and her infant daughter, Serenity, missing. An officer is dispatched to Stanely's apartment, and he tells police that he has not seen Samantha and Serenity since a Department of Child Services agent escorted them to a court hearing. Is Geraldine R. Jones really who she says she is?