Tanisha Gets Married 107 Recap: The Good, the Bad Girl, and the Ugly

Well hello all! We are getting closer and closer to Tanisha and Clive’s wedding—just one week away!—and we’ve witnessed a lot of screaming, hitting, pounding, tweeting, but so far no blood has been shed. Until, of course, we go to Atlantic City (aka the poor man’s Vegas) for Tanisha and Clive’s joint bachelorette/bachelor party!

This week’s episode begins where last week’s left off—Flo and instigator Natalie are fighting. Natalie throws a glass at Flo, but it misses her and instead hits Tanisha’s friend Keisha in the forehead hard enough to cut her. Keep it classy, Natalie! Tanisha erupts like a volcano, screaming like a wild banshee. She’s so upset with Natalie’s behavior that she breaks plates! Hey, at least she doesn’t throw them at anyone. Natalie flees the scene, and Tanisha tries calling Clive, who is chilling with the other men. When she doesn’t get a response she reaches out to Sean, who picks up on the second ring and instantly goes to Tanisha to comfort her. Watch your back Clive!

Natalie hides in her room, but a furious Tanisha storms to her door. There is a lot of bleeping. Natalie won’t come out so Tanisha returns to her suite. Natalie takes that moment to call the police to file a report that Tanisha has threatened her life. You can tell that Natalie has filed many of these reports, because I imagine many people have threatened her life. When the cops knock on Tanisha’s door, she thinks they are strippers. Woohoo! But nope, they are the real po po. But fear not—they are also fans of Tanisha from the Bad Girls Club so they just laugh off the whole sitch!

Tanisha banishes Natalie from her wedding and now it’s time to move on. She consults her two moles Markus and Darnell. She advises them to only tell her if Clive gets REALLY bad; he can enjoy everything else. The gentlemen resume their place with the other guys.

With the boys and girls separate again, it is time for strippers! The boys get theirs first: a lady with a very big, bountiful booty. Markus is not comfortable being a spy, so he quits. Guess he won’t be joining the CIA anytime soon! Tanisha’ crew has more fun with their male stripper. As he grinds away on Tanisha’s lap, the look of ecstasy on her face is one to behold. Hope she doesn’t leave Clive for him!

After Tanisha’s stripper has left, the girls decide to crash the boys’ party. They barge into the guys’ suite as a second stripper’s belly and boobs are hanging out. Clive flees to the bathroom because he knows Tanisha is going to be angry. As they talk it out, the strippers grab a plate of food and leave. My kind of girls!

Sean takes a moment to talk to Tanisha alone. He gives her a necklace as a gift. Clive walks in on Sean clasping the chain around Tanisha’s neck. He is smiling, but you can tell he is not happy. He leaves the room. Sean then decides to do what every good friend should do the week before a wedding: he tells Tanisha he has romantic feelings for her. Tanisha pretends to be completely shocked, but you know home girl expected this. He tells her he is going back to Brooklyn, because it’s hard to watch Clive and Tanisha together. What a martyr you are, Sean!

Clive, meanwhile, is hanging out in his suite talking to his groomsman Rodolfo, who does not approve of Tanisha and Sean’s relationship. Tanisha eavesdrops on their conversation, and then confronts Rodolfo and Clive. She tries to turn it around on Clive, saying that he shouldn’t let someone else get between them, that he’s pushing her away, blah blah blah. Methinks Tanisha is projecting, but whatevs. Tanisha asks Clive to spend the night with her, but he refuses. Oh snap!

The next morning the boys and girls reunite for breakfast. First, Tanisha pulls Darnell aside to confide in him what Sean told her. Darnell asks her how she feels and what she plans on doing. She is conflicted, but decides to just let it go and deal with it another time. Well, T, your wedding is only one week away so you better get on it!

Clive is still a bit irritated, so Tanisha tries to soothe the situation and tells him that all Sean gave her was a gift, there is nothing going on between them. I guess we’re ignoring the part where he said he was in love with you! But I digress. While everyone else is eating in the suite, Tanisha puts the moves on Clive and all their friends get to overhear them…um, resolving their issues, let’s say.

It’s finally time to go back to Brooklyn. Thank God! I don’t think this hour could take any more drama. The next day, Tanisha meets up with a healed Keisha. She tells her what Sean said. Tanisha admits that she is afraid of losing her friendship with Sean, and she thinks he has many of the qualities that Clive is lacking… like ambition and drive. Tanisha then drops a major bombshell—she’s not sure if she’s just marrying Clive because she’s afraid no one else will ever want to marry her. Uh oh!

Man, there is only one episode left. WILL Tanisha get married? I’m not so sure if she will anymore!

Till next time—

Liz Out Loud


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