Tanisha on TGM 104: It was magical.

By Tanisha TGM

After Natalie and Flo’s fight, I was beyond pissed. I seriously couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get it together. My wedding was slowly becoming all about them.

After Flo left the house, Natalie kept talking about Flo and I wished she would just move on and let the day be about me. I was honestly over it and I couldn’t believe I agreed to include them when they would act like this. I'm like, “Hello this is MY moment!”

When Natalie called me to tell me she would put aside the drama with Flo for me until the wedding I was surprised. But I know Natalie and something told me it was far from over. It really upset me when she didn’t come shopping for bridesmaid dresses. I honestly felt like she could and should have been there.

Looking for a bridesmaid dress was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It was hard to find a bridesmaid dress that all of my bridesmaids could agree on. I anticipated a little drama but suddenly everyone had a damn opinion. And I was honestly like, “Just shut up and wear the damn dress! It’s not like I'm going to put you in something terrible.”

As for my wedding dress, when I tried it on I instantly fell in love. It was so real to me. It was the dress I always dreamed of. It was magical.

I was having second thoughts about Amber and Natalie planning the bachelorette party because I know Natalie rarely comes through. I love Amber. She’s the closest Bad Girl to me so I decided to give it a try to see if they can do a better job this time around. Even though I knew all the work would eventually fall on poor Amber.

For Clive’s bachelor party, whether Clive agreed to my terms or not I knew that someway somehow I would eventually have my way! I was like, “Hahaha boo I got something for you! You know you can't play a player hun.” I'm a G and I needed to know what my fiancé would be doing so I felt justified in having a spy at his bachelor party.

During our interview, when Clive accused me of sleeping with someone else during the first year of our relationship all I could hear in my head was the judge saying how many years I would get for going off on Clive. I couldn't believe he waited until years later in front of the world to tell me that he thought I was creeping years ago. Oh hell no! It wasn't going down!

I probably could’ve handled the situation a lot better but I was upset. That doesn't justify what I did at all but we all make mistakes. Besides, I'm human... right? Lol.


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