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Crime News The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Medium Believes Maura Murray Died At The Hands Of A Potential Serial Killer: “She Wouldn’t Have Been The Only One"

She said he has a "Ted Bundy" element to him.

By Gina Tron

On the most recent episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray,”  journalist Maggie Freleng and former U.S. Marshal Art Roderick spoke to medium Allison DuBois about the case. Allison said she knew absolutely nothing about Maura Murray or about any of the speculations surrounding her disappearance prior to her arrival in New Hampshire. Using just Maura's name, photo and birthday, Allison gave her impression of Maura's whereabouts.

“She wouldn’t stay away willingly,” DuBois told the investigators. “She wouldn’t not come back.”

Maggie asked her if she believes Maura is still alive.

“My sense is that she is not alive,” Allison said. “Normally she wouldn’t get into a car with somebody that she just met or that she didn't know that well.”

She said she envisions Maura taking a ride from a man in a car. But, she thinks others were involved.

“If there was one person that has initially removed (or killed) her, then there are accomplices that helped cover up some of the elements of this crime.”

Allison believes this man has killed before.

“He has a predatory element to him. More of like Ted Bundy,” she said. “She wouldn’t have been the only one.”

Maggie was blown away by what Allison appeared to “know.” She even sensed that Maura’s mother had passed away.

Maggie and Art took Allison to the road where it is believed that Maura got into a vehicle. Allison was immediately overpowered by bad energy.

“I feel really sick here,” she said. “Initially I wanted to think that she got into the car willingly but It doesn't feel willingly. It doesn’t feel amicable here or else I wouldn’t feel as sick I as I do right now.”

Allison said she feels that Maura was taken to a spot where her killer promised that there would be others around. But, Allison said, that promise was untrue and Maura became scared.

“He does have a rapist energy to him. It just feels like this was taken too far because she fought him.”

Allison offered hope that the case could be cracked.

“This is a solvable case. This doesn’t have to stay cold.”

[Photos: Oxygen]