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Crime News The Disappearance of Maura Murray

The Maura Murray Case Is Being Re-examined

Blood from wood chips collected at a home near the crash site tested positive for human blood.

By Gina Tron

The Maura Murray case is being re-examined by the New Hampshire State Police. This exciting development was announced on the final episode of “The Disappearance of Maura Murray.” After months of investigating the mysterious case, journalist Maggie Freleng and former U.S. Marshal Art Roderick made a break.

In last week’s episode, former police officer and private investigator John Smith gave Freleng and Roderick wood chips he collected from a closet inside an A-frame house. There were rumors that Maura was killed by a man in that house, which is located not far from where she crashed.

On this week’s episode, Forensic Scientist Lori Baker told Freleng and Roderick that the wood chips tested “absolutely positive for blood,” and for human blood.

“Not only did it test positively for blood but for the blood of two different human beings,” Baker told them. “So you have the DNA from humans and you actually have the DNA from two individuals.”

“Why? Is one Maura?” Freleng asked.

“There is a possibility that this could be Maura,” Baker responded, adding that one of the two individuals is male. “What we cannot tell is if the other profile is a female.”

Baker said that it was not possible to separate the two samples. However, she said it would be possible for Maura’s DNA to be analyzed and compared to the blood profile. 

“Did the police know that you tested this sample?” Baker asked. “Because I think you’re going to want to share this with them.”

And that’s just what Freleng and Roderick did. They shared the results with the New Hampshire State Police. Chuck West of the New Hampshire’s Cold Case Unit told them that because the sample from the wood chips is so degraded, it would be impossible for them to identify if it was Maura’s blood. But, West told them that they are going to re-examine the case. Police have already established three task forces.

“They’re going back and re-interviewing everybody,” Freleng said.

“They’re going back to the very beginning, looking at all the forensics, re-examining everything from day one on,” Roderick said.

Anybody with information on the case is urged to call New Hampshire Cold Case Unit: 603-223-3856

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article described the case as being "reopened." Because the case was never closed, the case is actually being "re-examined." 

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