Exit Chat With Jocelyn: I Will Definitely Not Miss Living With 11 Other Girls

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Oh, Jocelyn, it's been really real. The Team Naomi member has definitely made the competition on The Face interesting—from her shark obsession to her, uh, aloof demeanor to her heated squabbling with Sandra. Considering Jocelyn’s penchant for memorable one-liners (“here’s a tissue for your issues”), we’re really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about running into her The Face nemesis at parties and being called “invisible” by Pat Cleveland. Here goes:

The Face: Your teammate Sandra was cut in the last episode and from what we saw on the show, you both weren’t meshing. How was your experience in completing a challenge without her there?

Jocelyn: There was a lot less stress without Sandra being in the competition. I never focused too much on Sandra so my mentality was still the same! Just stay positive, and try to do your best.

The Face: How do you and Sandra get along now that the show has wrapped? I know you’ve attended the same events promoting the show.

Jocelyn: Now that the show has wrapped, Sandra is irrelevant in my life. I have attended 2 events with Sandra being there… I don't pay attention to her.

The Face: During the red carpet challenge, Pat Cleveland called you “invisible” and said that you seemed to “disappear” next to Zi Lin. How did that make you feel?

Jocelyn: Well I never heard what Pat said until watching the show. It doesn't make me feel bad about myself, I know I did a good job on the red carpet and I know Naomi wasn't happy with Zi Lin’s over-the-top posing on the carpet. I guess comparing the two of us on the carpet, Zi Lin was more out there and that made me "disappear" but that doesn't mean I did a poor job, I'm glad I walked the carpet calm like I would in real life. 

The Face: During your interview with Wendy Williams, you didn’t want to talk about your boyfriend, who is on an MTV reality show. If you could do that interview again, what would you have done differently (if at all)?

Jocelyn: If I could redo the interview with Wendy Williams when talking about my boyfriend, I wouldn't change anything. I've always said that my personal life is private and I'm not going to cave just because I'm being repeatedly asked. 

The Face: Which team do you think should have won the red carpet challenge and why?

I didn't get to watch the other teams do the red carpet challenge, and I definitely wouldn't make a decision off of an edit for a reality television show. I respect the judges’ decision always, so I’ll leave it at that! 

The Face:  Do you agree with Karolina’s decision to save Zi Lin and send you home?

Jocelyn: I don't agree with Karolina's decision to save Zi Lin and send me home, but I respect it. I don't agree because Karolina was saying that Ulta needs a spokesperson that is ready right now, not in six months. She said that a big part of being a spokesperson is speaking and that Zi Lin wasn't ready for that quite yet, and Ulta needs someone ready to speak right now. I think Karolina made a strategic decision in keeping Zi Lin because she thought that Zi Lin can't win because of her English not being quite ready for a spokesperson for an American company.

The Face: So what will you miss the most about being on the show?

Jocelyn: Definitely all my quality time with Sandra.

The Face: What will you miss the least?

Jocelyn: I will definitely not miss living with 11 other girls. I also will not miss watching a lot of these girls be fake. It's so hard to watch girls turn on and off personalities when the cameras are around and rolling. Fake people = lame.

The Face: What are you working on now?

Jocelyn: Right now I am living in NYC working with ONE model management. Working on some really exciting projects and I'm excited to share with you all when I am allowed! Follow me on instagram and twitter for updates @jocechewbacca.


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