Exit Chat With Zi Lin: "Im Not a Liar"

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

It was really close, right? With two individual wins in her pocket and a lot of love from the judges, it seemed like Zi Lin might have The Face in the bag. Despite the final win going to Devyn, the former Miss China Universe did make a really strong impression on everyone. Zi Lin has a few last things to say about her time on The Face–including that whole “Special Purple-Gate” situation.

The Face: Team Naomi was full of drama. What was it like being caught in the middle of Jocelyn and Sandra fighting all the time?

Zi Lin: I was so sad our team kept fighting! We didn't have enough time to focus on practice! Even though we won the challenges three times, the only sound in our room is not happy! I felt stressed! 

The Face: So Ebony and Devyn worked really well as a team, how do you think you and Jocelyn worked together on the red carpet challenge?

Zi Lin: I think we did great job.  Both our heights cannot be changed! We tried so hard to answer the tough questions.

The Face: It was brought up quite a few times at least that English is your second language. English as a second (or third) language doesn’t seem to have been an issue for Liu Wen, Shu Pei or Natalia Vodianova (and so many more) in modeling. What are your thoughts on that?  

Zi Lin: English is my second language, it's the truth! I don't think it's an issue for me. I just need to try harder than anyone else. But some people just kept mentioning it!  As a Chinese speaker, I won the test shoot by answering questions in English. I tried so hard and I proved it. And I will keep trying.

The Face: Looking back, how would you have answered Wendy Williams’ question about your purple eyeshadow?

Zi Lin: I have no idea why someone trapped me! Called me a liar! I'm not. Nobody would make fun of her own name. My name is Zi Lin! In Chinese [it] means “purple jade.” We have different cultures, but truth is truth! Everyone has her own stuff, like girls have lipsticks, dolls,  with stuff you really like, when we introduce the thing to other people, we will always give a nickname. I do and I think a lot of people do, right? When I answered Wendy's question, I mean, cos the eyeshadow already belongs to me, I had a nickname for it. “ULTA special purple!” I don't think I need to change the answer at all. Of course I didn't lie. I didn't lie about anything! Where does the " liar" come from?

The Face: Is there anything (if at all) that you would have done differently along the way?

Zi Lin: No, I enjoyed every minute of it and I tried really hard to do my best! The only thing maybe I regret probably is I wasn't tough enough! 

The Face: What will you miss the most about being on The Face?

Zi Lin: Learning from Naomi.

The Face: What will you miss least?

Zi Lin: Being trapped by someone.

The Face: Do you still speak to Naomi?

Zi Lin: Of course I do! She is my mentor. She is so nice and sweet. She taught a lot. She protected me. I love her!

The Face: How do you think making it to the final three has affected or will affect your career?

Zi Lin: Who knows? I hope it will help. At least a lot of people recognize me on the street and come to me wish me good luck and hope I will win. I'm so happy! 

The Face: What are you working on now?

I'm learning acting in New York and I have an agency in New York now. I'm following my dream! 

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