Photo Booth Fun In 'The Face' Model Loft

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Along with a sweet make-up room, a sick roof deck and the infamous "jailbird" bathroom, "The Face" model loft also has a photo booth, complete with fun props! Hey, the girls got their iPads and cell phones confiscated at the door, so they gotta have something to entertain themselves with. But guess what we confiscated when the girls left the loft? All their photobooth pics! But don't worry, each week, we'll share a bunch with you to live online for all eternity. Let's get started.

Here's another view of the booth showing Sandra patiently waiting her turn, but I gotta be honest. After flipping through all the pics, I did notice that there were some camera hogs in the bunch (yeah, you know who you are.) So as mentioned, there are lots of fun props to accessorize for the booth. 

Here are the "traditional" ones, consisting of: Kanye West-friendly suglasses and uh, grills (eh hem, Stephanie and Jocelyn), hats and wigs (that's a new look for you, Sandra), boas (fancy, Marlee and ZiLin), masquerade ball masks (even fancier Aleksandra and Brittany) and more wigs (we prefer the bangs, Margaux.) But then, some of the girls got creative.

The winning Patrick Demarchelier W magazine shoot pic is an obvious choice. But then Madeleine and ZiLin decided to show off their expert game of Connect Four. And Devyn wants to document her midnight snack attack.

Until next week, folks. And don't forget to watch episode two of "The Face" tonight at 9/8c!


[Top Photo Credits: Walter Sassard for Oxygen Media]

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