Photo Booth Tuesdays: Fun With Hair!

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Last Photo Booth Tuesday, we took a look through the confiscated pics and showed an array of "Fun With Props." Another look through the selection showed another common theme: Fun With Hair! There's the ubiquitious fake hipster mustache and wig option, but in others it was if the girls were battling to become the head of hair for some shampoo line. Oh and look: The return of Cousin It! Check it out.

Margaux gives the infamous Cousin It head flip a try, while Sandra shows us how it's done. Wonder what Nigel would say about that.

Madeleine wants her turn. (I think that's Madeleine anyway.) While Jocelyn practices for an Herbal Essences commercial.

So that's the secret to Devyn's gravity defying 'do. ZiLin and Devyn play with faux hair and 'staches, while Madeleine finds creative uses for her own braids.

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