Ten Reasons To Watch 'The Face' Premiere

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

The sneak peeks, the suspenseful elimination special and one mega blow out party—it was all the lead up to tonight's big event: "The Face" premiere at 9/8c. Now, we know you already have your evening blocked out to watch Team Naomi, Team Coco and Team Karolina battle it out in the first series of challenges (and the most handsome referee in town, Nigel, moderate the whole thing). But just in case you needed any extra enticement, here are the Top Ten Reasons you need to watch tonight, mostly in GIF form. Because we know how much you love GIFs.

10. You Meet The Crazy One, Exuberant One


There's always that one girl who likes to mix it up a bit on set (You know, the Danielle Staub/Teresa Guidice/Ramona Singer/JWOWW of the bunch). You can usually tell who that is by the first episode. Eh hem, Sandra.


The first challenge may involve a little bit of retail therapy. How much does ZiLin love to shop? Twice as much as the rest of us.

8. A Contestant Admits on National TV That She's Kind of Terrified of Naomi

Kind of awkward that Aleksandra is actually on Team Naomi, right?

7. The First Challenge


Time to meet your makers, girls. We love how Nigel and Naomi coordinated their stances. As if you needed another reminder as to how serious this competition is.

6. Oh, the Drama!

We know you don't watch a model competition show just as a showcase for the girls' skills and talent. The premiere brings on the dramz, don't you worry about that. You work that hair flip, Margaux!

5. Karolina Has to Face an Angry Naomi

Yeah, we'd probably be making a 'Yikes" face, too. Check out Coco, doesn't she look kind of relieved to you?

4. Under Pressure, Coco Fierce Comes Out

Maybe Naomi isn't the one to be scared of. Hey, if Coco wants to take a risk and this is how she's telling us to do it, we're doin' it.

3. When Models Cry

Suck it up, Madeleine. Seriously. We don't think supermodel Naomi Campbell will be impressed.

2. Naomi Throws Shade

And she isn't. Wow, we weren't even there and we want to go and change our outfits or crawl into a hole or something.

1. Best Line Ever

Yeah, we've been using this one every chance we get. We're sensing lots of potential in the young model Jedis yet.

Tune in tonight, Tue., Feb. 12 at 9/8c. See you there!

[Photo Credit: Walter Sassard for Oxygen Media]

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