'The Face' Final Google+ Hangout Redux: 5 Awesome Things We Learned

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Even though The Face has ended and Devyn was crowned the winner, that doesn't mean the fun stops. Oh, hellz no, because we still have the Google+ Hangout with three of the final four, Devyn, Margaux and Ebony (Zi Lin was out at the club, seriously, she was!). So watch the fun above and just to recap, here are the top five mindblowing things we learned about the girls.

5. Margaux does not, we repeat, does not cut her own bangs. (And for the record, we are in favor of her bangs OUT, not slicked back. Love 'em.)

4. Ebony is pregnant! That makes two of The Face alumnae (rememer Marlee?) expecting little faces soon. Hear that maternity designers?

3. Devyn was not faking that panic attack just to get a long, lingering hug from show host Nigel. She suffers from them and apparently had one earlier on in the show. Yikes!

2. Sorry boys, but Margaux has a boyfriend. He actually took some professional Team Coco shots and he's the mystery guest on the other end of the shared earbuds during the hangout. (I just met him in the office, too, and he's cute.)

1.  Pre-school teacher Ebony has another career aspiration on top of modeling—she's training to be a mortician. Yeah, like Six Feet Under. Smart girl! Do you think Zac Posen makes scrubs?

Well there you have it! You'll have to watch to learn more. And keep on visiting us for updates and news related to The Face!


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