'The Face' Stars Chat With Access Hollywood

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Over at the star-studded TCAs in Los Angeles, the stars of "The Face" fashionably presented the upcoming show to the powers-that-be while goofing around, too. They also took some time out to have a chat with "Access Hollywood" and had some interesting things to say. And we finally find out from Nigel Barker exactly how each model contestant gets the axe each week. Wait, what will "The Face" elimination catchphrase be?

Nigel, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha gamely chat with the Access correspondent and talk about how "The Face" is different from other model competition shows (eh hem, ANTM.) Karolina then utters what should be the catchphrase: "A pretty face—it's not enough on "The Face." SNAP!

But remember, the girls and Naomi Campbell are mentors, not judges and there isn't a rotating panel of arbiters à la "Project Runway." Each week there's a new client, like W Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi who selects and rejects models for an editorial shoot just like in real life. Well, Nigel did say that "The Face" isn't a "caricacture" of the industry like "ANTM."

And spoiler alert: Coco confirms that the three model mentors are in fact competitive. "That's how we got to the top of our game," she says. But contrary to popular believe (and what we've seen in the trailer), there weren't necessarily "battles" according to the girls. Maybe discussions, then?

But Nigel does point out that he managed to stay out of any purported drama.

"I was the negotiator and refereed. I was not the catfighter," he jokingly explains.

Naomi talks to "Access Hollywood," too:

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