Catch Up with Brittany Mason from Season 1!

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Brittany had a very memorable Season 1 on The Face. The former beauty queen and experienced print model had an emotional breakdown early on in the season, and was ultimately eliminated on week three. She has since been making huge strides in her career (she was on Dexter!) and in her personal life: after her appearance on The Face, she met her biological father for the first time! Click "more" to catch up with Brittany!

What modeling have you done since being on The Face?


Even though modeling wasn't the focus for 2013, I have still appeared in several publications this year including some men’s magazines like Esquire, FHM, Mens Health, and etc. I recently shot a campaign for Skinney Med Spa in NYC, I appeared on one of my favorite television series Dexter on Show Time. I’m also pursuing more work overseas. I am in negotiations with an agency in Milan. So, fingers crossed!

Any major life changes?

Not long after the show, my grandfather past away, he was one of the most positive influential people I had in my life growing up. I took it really hard, it was the greatest loss of life I have experienced. I spent three weeks with him every day until he passed.

I made the decision to relocate to L.A. at least for a little while. I began working on new projects and passions -- and the most significant part of my year was finding my biological father! This past summer I decided to take my first trip to go visit my brothers and sister so I could really work on developing our relationship. I met my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins all for the very first time and father. He heard I was in town and we made plans to meet. I finally got answers to questions I have had my whole life. My mother would never tell me much of anything about him, nor the situation. I learned the truth between him and my mother, what happened after the pregnancy, and all these years. It was like putting puzzle pieces together, to finally know the truth of who I am. I felt immense healing and it was honestly the best thing I could have ever done.  

How about other work or hobbies?

My other main focus has been on writing and philanthropy. I am currently working on two different books at the moment. One is a young children's book about the environment educating kids about recycling and the importance of taking care of the planet. The other is a more serious book, a young adult self-help memoir that has exercises, and serves as a road map to achieving their dreams and overcoming adversity. Once I release the book, I plan on doing a nationwide school tour where I will work with classes individually over the course of three days and then end the program with a fundraising concert for the school. I am calling the movement the #IAMPOSSIBLE Campaign.

This past fall, I was invited to speak at my old high school where I held my first event. I had two performers flown in, the Worlds Youngest DJ DJ Baby Chino and a very talented young female artist named Macy Kate. We had a fantastic turn out and raised nearly $3,000 in funding to help provide training for students and teachers to create a safer school environment. The event even sparked the attention of Secret Deodorant for possible collaboration in their Mean Stinks campaign.

My new website just launched and you can find more information about the #IAMPOSSIBLE Campaign, my work, and my blog on my official



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