Lydia Hearst: The Competition is Between the Mentors, Too


Things got tense. In the heat of the moment Anne V and I were both very upset. I’m sure the modeltestants were surprised to see the mentors squabbling but it won't hurt them to see how seriously we take it. Maybe this will push the modeltestants to take the competition more seriously. Off camera, I did speak with Anne so that we were able to resolve our argument. Momentary blowouts HAVE to stay momentary for the sake of professionalism and friendships.

This competition really is not just between the modeltestants – It's between the mentors too.

Team Lydia NEEDS to break their bad habit of overthinking the challenges. Amanda and Ray have to be forced out of their comfort zone and trust their instincts. Team Lydia is going to sing "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" and do the Strasberg Song & Dance exercise. Sounds easy, right? This exercise is specifically designed to make you confront the challenges of publicly performing. By doing this exercise you become understandably uncomfortable, but the intention is to make you more self-aware and FOCUSED – in turn you will become more relaxed in the moment.

Before Amanda and Ray go out and perform for the cameras I am having them look into a mirror and recite positive affirmations. This is something that sounds so simple but can create a great change within yourself; you can start to see things differently, see yourself differently and begin to make positive changes in your life and career.

Filming viral videos is always challenging! The clothing was very restrictive and it proved more difficult for Ray and Amanda to run elegantly in their garments. The outfits were structured, stiff, and complicated – let's be honest it’s hard to move in clothes that really aren't constructed to be moved around in. They did do really well considering – and even had NO trouble with the shoes! Unfortunately Amanda and Ray were too inexperienced to run gracefully in the video.

I wish that Team Lydia had won. My girls have been working SO hard and come so far, I'm truly proud of them. And they should be proud of themselves. I have to be strategic about this elimination. I chose to send Amanda in because I believed that she was the ONLY one of my girls who had a fighting chance to come back. Frederic Fekkai is who the modeltestants are all hoping to become brand ambassador for, and because he specifically chose Ray to give his customization haircut to, I'm sure Naomi would eliminate her for that fact alone.

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