Nigel: It's All Up to Frederic Fekkai Now!

Successful actors, musicians and models at the top of their field have the eyes of the world on them at all times. There’s no escaping it. magazines like People, OK and Hello…feature photos of a celebrities doing everything from the glamorous to the mundane, like posing on the red carpet in a gown to going to get milk in her pajamas . It’s the job of the publicist to help navigate these tricky waters but also that of the celebrity to be prepared. The world is watching.

Basically, the modeltestants knew that press could be lurking. They knew Frederic Fekkai could be there. Yes, it was downtime and things are getting difficult, but that’s when you see who has what it takes to be a real star. It’s a level playing field, they’re all tired, and it’s getting to all of them. It’s interesting to see who can stand it, who can’t, and who is rising to the challenge when things get hard. Those are the girls who are going to be fit to become The Face of Frederic Fekkai. They’re the ones who will be able to stand the pressure of jumping on a redeye flight to Europe, then do a press conference, then do a morning TV show, followed by a shoot, then who knows, a dinner. Celebrities know that they have to handle themselves even when they’re sitting on the plane. You never know if someone is going to steal a photo of you as you sleep in your chair!  

It was sad and unfortunate for Felisa. She kept it together for so long and was almost a goody two-shoes, and her outburst was, in many respects, the first time we’ve really seen some personality out of her. We thought, ‘wow this girl has some spunk, where has that been all season?’ Unfortunately though, it was also disrespectful. She’s only 18 years old and it just got too much for her. She crumbled and crashed well into the press conference challenge, where she should have excelled.  

Tiana did a great job at the press conference. She was eloquent, she was sweet and amicable. It was really her defining moment. She had the answers, she seemed comfortable and to know what she was talking about. 

Ray on the other hand is this silent weapon! There are a few haters who think Ray is too young and doesn’t have the look. But listen, there are a lot of models out there who don’t have the mainstream ‘look’.Think of Kristen McMenamy, who by everyday standards isn’t textbook attractive yet is one of the most alluring and sought after models in the business. It’s about having a look, and moving on from there, I thought Ray’s performance was probably the most genuine. She needs coaching, but people like authenticity and she has it in abundance -- versus someone like Felisa who got everything wrong and couldn’t remember what product she was endorsing. It’s one thing to have a bad day – but that would actually be considered a breach of contract on a real job! She seemed completely unprepared.

Aifya did a lot better, but she just seems so rehearsed sometimes. She’s not completely comfortable with her eloquence and speech. At this moment in the competition there’s no way to give the girls speech lessons, but regardless you never want to lose who you are. There are a lot of people who aren’t fabulous speakers, but they speak from the heart. You can still be loved even if you don’t have the best grammar, because people are after the real you.

When Felisa basically eliminated herself, I thought it was a real shame. I thought it was the ultimate act of being controlling. She probably said to herself: “well, this is Lydia’s last girl, Naomi has two, I did a bad job, I’m going. Now, I can say I wasn’t kicked off, I kicked myself off.’ Really? That’s the way you’re gonna go down? That’s the reason she failed in the first place. She went out in the same style she lost. She needs to be more sincere and to relax and let go. It wasn’t her time.

I think the finale is an interesting line up! We’ve got girls of different ages, experience, looks, and abilities. I always love these sorts of competitions, and everyone wants to predict who is going to win. But really, at the end of the day, it’s the client’s decision. Frederic Fekkai has been kept at arm’s length from the girls throughout the shooting. The affections of the modeltestants’ coaches won’t help them in the finale. They really have to win him over!

Until the finale!


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