Nigel: "The 'Prettiest' Girl Doesn't Get to Win"

By Nigel Barker

TV commercials have become a large part of the modeling business. With every major campaign there’s likely to be a TV commercial that goes alongside the print ads. If you’re not good in motion, you’re not going to rise to the top. Often, you’ll have commercials like fragrance ads which don’t have the girls speak. Shooting with a script takes everything to a whole new level.

Big beauty and cosmetics brands will want to have a model’s personality shine through with a script. In cases like these, it’s important to seem comfortable, approachable, and like the girl next door – which often runs in complete contrast to high fashion. Marrying these things isn’t easy, and no one said it was. That’s why there are only a few supermodels in the world.

The challenge also demonstrates further that the ‘prettiest’ girl doesn’t get to win The Face. She has to be the most talented, the most inspiring, and good at all the different aspects of the job. I know it looks like we pushed them hard during the commercial challenge because they only had a retricted amount of time to learn everything and get it together…but that’s actually not unusual. In commercials, time is money. If you’re being paid a lot of money, companies expect you to be on top of your game and ready to turn things around quickly.

Giovanni Feroce, the CEO from Alex and Ani, seemed to agree that Naomi’s commercial was the most informative. However, Afiya kept flubbing the designer’s name “Carolyn Rafaelian,” which made the entire commercial unusable. Team Naomi could have benefited from having another option in the can. Why not give the line to another girl who could pronounce it? Afiya needs to work on her diction, and her flub was inexcusable. Anne V’s team had other great moments, and while their commercial may not have been as informative, it was something Alex and Ani could use. Team Lydia’s commercial also had its moments but lacked sincerity in it’s performances.

In terms of individual girls: I think Felisa did a good job and stood out. I also think Khadisha did well even though she didn’t pronounce everything properly. She said everything in her own way, and she delivered it in a charming manner. She also looked stunning on film. Tiana, did a great job as well.

I personally thought Ray did a poor job. She put on a strange voice and held her hand up to her face – making herself look artificial and unbelievable. What’s funny is that she is down to earth, and all she had to do was be herself…But often, being yourself is the toughest thing to do when the cameras are rolling.

There is a lot of talk over what was “fair” in the elimination considering that Afiya messed up, but Alana wound up getting eliminated. I hate to break it to everyone, but life is not fair. The reality is that the coaches want to win! They want one of their girls to become the face of Frederic Fekkai. Naomi still had confidence in Afiya despite her flub. Alana was overall the weakest on Team Naomi – in fact, Alana was lucky not to have been sent home earlier. She seems like a nice, charming girl, but she hasn’t shone in any campaigns. She believed in herself, but it didn’t translate to the challenges -- and frankly, every week it will get tougher and tougher. The TV commercial could have made a huge difference because she’s sweet and approachable, but I’m afraid she needed to up her game in a way that never happened.

Until next time!

[Photo: Oxygen Media/Tim Brown]

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