Tiana: I Did NOT Expect to Win!

After 10 arduous weeks, Tiana took home the grand prize! This California girl is now the Face of Frederic Fekkai! We spoke to her all about her win, her walk, and her strong relationship with Team Anne V (they're all BFFs!). Read her winner's Q&A below, and be sure to look out for Tiana...soon she'll be everywhere! 

How did you feel the moment you found out you’d won?

When Frederic said my name, I thought I’d misheard him ! I thought, ‘whoa…am I mistaken here?’ because I did NOT expect to win. I thought he wanted someone with longer hair, so I was a little bit shocked. I just remembered hugging Anne so hard that one of the beautiful diamond earrings they gave me flew off the stage, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to break out into laughter into tears.

So, how far did you think you would get?

Well, my goal was to make it to the top 3, but I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I didn’t have in mind how far I would get, I wanted to take it day by day.  I went in every day and gave it my all and pushed myself, and I kept being safe and safe every week. I didn’t lose my confidence, in fact I gained my confidence each week because Anne was such an amazing coach and all the other girls were so amazing. But I just felt like Afiya and Ray were such strong competition and Frederic loved Ray’s hair, She has that perfectly blown-out Fekkai bombshell hair!

Is your family proud?

Yes! She’s so proud of me for just doing my best, and of course for winning! She’s going to fly in and watch the finale with me.

How did you feel about the final runway show?

The final runway show was one of my favorite parts of filming. It was so beautiful, the dress was so beautiful…I can’t wait to see it. I just remember watching Anne from backstage, she was swooshing her dress…it gave me flashbacks to watching her on her first Victoria’s Secret show. Then she was holding my hand on stage! I couldn’t believe it.   

 Do you keep in touch with Anne?

Yes! Anne and I text all the time! Team Anne V also goes out to dinner together!  

Really? You guys are all still friends?

Yes! I was really lucky to have such good teammates. I feel like the girls on Team Anne will probably be my bridesmaids one day in my wedding. Whenever we had a hard day, they knew what to say to pick me up. I couldn’t have done it without them.

What was the most difficult part of being on The Face?

The most difficult part was having no cell phone, having no way to contact my parents or boyfriend or anyone from the outside world, but you get used to that. The hours of filming were intense. We were always working, then just sleeping a little bit. We were always doing something nonstop for a whole month. It was exciting, but it was HARD!

What was your favorite part of being on The Face?

My favorite part was the friends I made, and meeting Anne, Sharon and Khadisha. My favorite challenge was the Chopard diamond challenge.  I liked it because it was the first time Anne helped me come out of my comfort zone and I went all for it. Even though I was over the top, it was good to not feel like I was being a perfectionist.

What did you learn from being on The Face?

I definitely learned how to let go, and I learned that sometimes you get prettier pictures if you do feel like you look stupid. You can’t always worry about being the perfect pretty model, you have to let loose and trust in your abilities, and that’s what Anne taught. That’s also what Fekkai is all about!

So, now you’re the face of Frederic Fekkai! What’s next for you!   

Even though I’ve been modeling for about three years, this is definitely the biggest break for me! The first thing that’s going to happen is my shoot in Elle, and I’m really looking forward to that! I’m excited to do shoots for Fekkai’s style pages and being their spokeswoman. We’ll see how that works out given that I’m a short-haired girl!

Beyond that, I don’t know! I’m deciding if I want to try and travel Europe and go that route. Also, after the face I’ve been considering acting! I love doing stuff on film.  I just love letting go and doing different characters. I guess I’m kind of waiting to see where the stars fall!

Check out Tiana's journey on The Face! 


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