Cameron on The Glee Project 106

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of "tenacity" at first. I knew what the word meant, but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would be applied to the competition!

I freaking love "Bulletproof." Before the show I would sing in my car and belt this song out haha. I love the electronic feel of it, but also the pop vocals. It’s the perfect blend of a song in my opinion. Sassy and sweet.

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“Under Pressure”/”Ice Ice Baby” was the coolest mash-up I’ve ever heard! I was jamming to it during that whole week. I love David Bowie and Queen so it was perfect for me. I really thought this song would bring me back to the top of the group. I was probably one of the only ones that were really into the classics like Bowie or the Beatles. It was so incredibly fun to sing, and was by far my favorite song to record. I was so glad to go back to individual performances after last week, so it was a relief. Duets were fun to do, but I love to be by myself up there. It’s very freeing.

Compared to “Dance-Ability”, this week’s dancing was a piece of cake. Doing floor work was definitely new to me, but seeing everyone do it gave me the confidence to step it up. The thought of doing things in reverse was really intriguing, and it was actually a really cool experience, even if I was covered in freezing slushy.

Getting slushied was seriously the most terrible feeling I think I’ve ever had. It may not look bad from TV, but those slushies literally took my breath away. As soon as that fountain hit me, all feeling and air left my body and I was just gasping. The worst part is that I couldn’t ever recover and I just had no breath. I never want to drink a slushy EVER again.

I learned a lot about tenacity this week. Even though I just had to push through being cold, it meant so much more to me. It was the ability to be in a foreign situation, a foreign place, and still push through whatever was around me. It was literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I really felt like it made me stronger. Even if I hate slushies now, haha.

I don’t remember calling "cut" in the scene, but if I did, it was probably because I couldn’t breathe. That’s how cold it was. I was really embarrassed in the first place because no words were coming out of my mouth and I looked pretty dumb. It seemed as if everyone got through it so easily, so I was definitely frustrated. I tried to remain positive though.

Defeat. That’s pretty much all I felt when I found out I was in the bottom three. This was going to be my third time being in the bottom, and I just knew I was going home. Ryan had seen enough of me and nobody had been in there as much as me. I felt like we were buds at that point haha. For the first time I actually started to choke up because I felt like it was over for me. I gave it my all, tried to push through the video, but it still wasn’t enough. It’s hard to be put in the bottom three just because you couldn’t breathe when you were cold.

I was really surprised I could sing my own song for Ryan! I mean, what an honor! Seriously. How many people have gotten to do that?! When I found out I was in the bottom three I almost wanted to give up, but when I could sing my own song I was determined to push through. You could say I had... tenacity! That song is like my baby, so first I was scared to release it to the world and to Ryan. But I think people will love it. I know I do. It’s the first song I ever wrote! The song is about a girl who was absolutely in love with me, but I simply wasn’t ready to feel the same way. Love is something that is special to me. It’s not a word I throw around and use lightly. Love isn’t just a feeling, but an action and a lifestyle. It’s kind of a bitter song because at the time I was hurt and wanted to write something. She's my baby though, and I’m very proud of her. It's the first song I ever really put words and music together. I was listening to a lot of Phoenix and Sondre Lerche so that’s what came out!

Marissa was really cool. She was nice to everyone and incredibly talented. She could dance like none other. Seeing her go is pretty tough because she was really even. She didn’t get too high or low. I liked that. She will go far though I know it. Damian will miss her dancing on those stairs hahaha!

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