Damian on The Glee Project 105

I LOVED this week’s theme. I have to admit, for the first time, I had some confidence that I would do well from the get-go because of my experience working in a group. It was also great that we all got to show off our voices a lot more than in the previous videos.

Having Hannah as a partner for the homework assignment was great. She is a really close friend of mine, and I felt like we got on really well and worked great together.

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Working with Matheus, on the other hand, was tough at first. We got our song and I thought, “finally, something up my alley”... but then I listened to the vocal guide we got on our MP3's and it was very different; it had a lot of rifts, so I thought that maybe they turned it around for Matheus. And he was treating the song as though they had, made it his own, and didn’t treat it like duet. It was tough, because in a duet it is important to compliment the other singer, and work well as a team – it ain't a solo performance!! But Matheus got the hang of it eventually. I think I got to really show off my swing side, and once we got over our initial bump, I had a blast.


I was intrigued when the mentors told us that all three pairs would be performing in the bottom three. It honestly didn't feel like a bottom three, because only one pair got through. It really just felt like another group challenge. Still, this was a performance for Ryan, so it was hard work!!

Working with Matheus on our Last Chance Performance was great. I went into the week feeling good, but the beginning of the week was tough. Then we got over our differences, and from then on, I feel like I had to take control to give us a chance. So I did that, used my experience, and worked hard with Matheus to come up with a routine and a steady vocal performance. I really enjoyed it.


I was ECSTATIC when I found out I wasn't in the bottom three. I definitely feel like this competition is quickly getting to the business end of things, and I hope I continue to improve and climb the ladder. I am in a good place at the moment, after a poor start.

I stood up for Matheus when we were talking with Ryan because it had to be done. I did see a slight transformation in Matheus, and he was getting more confident in his abilities. He was doing what Ryan was telling him, and he was doing it because, like the rest of us, he wanted to win. I had to stand up for him; I would have done it for anybody. It didn't matter that it was Alex. Personally, I have nothing against Alex, he's a great guy, but what he was doing was wrong. It had to stop. The point of the show is to go against bullying and be comfortable in your own skin, so the irony of what Alex was doing was quite incredible. My Mum and Dad raised me to stand up for what’s right, so I was not going to let it go.

I was sad to see Matheus go. I definitely feel like I bonded with the guy. I have more harm in my little finger than Matheus has in his entire body; he is such a good guy, and incredibly talented. In the end, it just wasn't meant to be for him, but I’m sure he'll be huge star in no time.

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