Damian on The Glee Project 109

I absolutely loved this week’s theme. I feel like this week was more about who you are as a person, rather than trying to play a role or be theatrical or vulnerable etc.

The homework assignment was great. My original audition song was “Lean On Me”, and I think it's a great song, and perfect one to show generosity. It was interesting because I felt like this week for the homework assignment it was more about backing the other person up, and being generous to them by showing your support, rather than nailing your own performance. It was something different that we had not done before on the show.

When I heard it was between me and Lindsay, I was thinking in my head..."Could this be my first win?" Then when Kevin named Lindsay the homework assignment winner, I was a tiny bit disappointed. But in my head I was thinking, it would have been nice to win, of course, but I didn't think the homework assignment would have a huge significance on the outcome of the week. I mean, Marissa and Hannah won the homework assignments the week they went home, so I knew it was only the beginning of an incredibly competitive week.

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When Nikki brought the kids in to the studio, I didn't know what to think. I thought, at first, it would be a huge challenge, because these kids were very young, between 7 and 9-years-old, I believe. And sometimes, at that age, it is hard to get kids to settle down and be composed. Sometimes, they can be crazy and that worried me. But then we got introduced to them and they are just the nicest kids I think I have ever met. Not to mention their talent. They are out of this world. My kid Liam, mark my words, that kid is the next Justin Bieber. He plays piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums AND he has a great voice. And he is only 10-years-old. Unbelievable. I remember that week and getting to know him more and more over the few days, and he continually impressed me with everything he did. His attitude was incredible, he is really mature for his age, and has a great work ethic. He is years ahead of his age, and if that kid isn't the next world-wide superstar, there is no hope for any of us.

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For me, it was so easy to work with Liam. He is a great kid. I had an absolute blast with him while making the music video. Without question, it is my favorite music video. I was getting chills filming it. I had the time of my life beating those drums, teaching Liam a dance (who ever thought that would happen??) and just having a lot of fun on the set this week. For me, I found it incredible.

Working on the music video, as I said before, was amazing. I had the time of my life. I think it was the most enjoyable day of performing I have ever had. I have never played drums. And if I did, it was badly!!!!!! So, it was a challenge. In my opinion, out of the four instruments, drums are the hardest to fake by a country mile. I have rhythm, but drums involve a lot more. And they make a lot of noise, so I couldn't afford to do it wrong. I actually learned, to a certain extent, how to play drums that week. The judges wanted and needed for me to prove myself, and I was delighted to get the drums. I love working hard! I ain't afraid of it, and I was confident I would get the drums down and ready for the shoot. Liam was a great drum player, and he was actually teaching me!!!!! So whilst the other contestants were possibly showing their generosity by giving advice to their kids, I think mine was the other way about. I was taking advice from Liam on how to play, my style, my facial expressions, when to stand, etc. I was able to help him in other areas and it was a great partnership. He is now my little buddy. All of the kids did an amazing job on the shoot. And as I said, it was my favorite music video by far.

When we were told all of us were doing a last chance performance, I was ready. I was up for it. And I wanted it more than ever. I was confident because I felt like I had progressed so much in this show since week 1, and I felt that I saved my best week for the right time. In my opinion, it was the strongest week I have had. I sang the song fully through twice in the studio, I was getting a lot of compliments on the video set, and I was having the time of my life. Quite simply. And, there was a part of me that felt like after what I have been through on this show, I can now handle almost anything.

Knowing Robert and Zach would not be judging our performance was the most nerve-wracking thing you could imagine. We had all built an incredible relationship with the judges. I love them all. Nikki has been like a mum to me in this experience. She is such a sweetheart. Robert has been like a dad. He always has your back, always wants you to do well and you could trust Robert with your life. Then Zach was like a big brother. He added the light-heartedness and was amazing. He gets straight to the point very bluntly and I love that. He wants us to look incredible and the guy knows what he is doing. He is a pro and I just feel honored to be learning so much from these kinds of professionals with their experience. It's priceless and will always be for me. So knowing they were not there and it was just Ryan and Ian, told me this is the business end of things. In a weird way, it felt like the end of a bumpy plane journey!!!!! Each one of us is now approaching our final destination......

When I got the song "I Gotta Be Me" I wasn't really familiar with it. I love Sammy Davis Jr. but I had never really heard of that song. And when Glee covered it, we were already shooting TGP. So I was apprehensive and just wanted to get a listen to it. Then, I just smiled. This song is me. This song is about me. And this song was given to me for a reason. They were telling me something. I definitely felt like there was a hidden message in the song they gave me and I just had to be me. There could be no repeat of “Danny Boy”!!!!!!!!!!!

When I heard I was called back, I nearly wet myself. I was bouncing, so excited....what a ride. I feel privileged to be in the finals for this show. I have had a roller coaster ride, and I have made the finals. UNBELIEVABLE!!

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Now, I have to do even better next week. I want to win The Glee Project. I want that role on Glee. It's so close. I want to do my family proud, my town, my country, my continent!!!! No one being eliminated this week was crazy. It just shows how tough this is. Ryan could not choose. Bring on the final challenge. I'm ready.
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