Glee Fashion Recap: Episode 14 - Blame It On The Alcohol

Danielle reviews fashion from Blame It On The Alcohol.When it comes to fashion, you might identify with Rachel's schoolgirl-chic style. Or maybe Tina's romantic goth look. Perhaps Brittany's eclectic, casual outfits are more your speed. If you're like me, you're head-over-heels for Emma Pillsbury's modern vintage style.

Emma was the real standout in this week's episode, wearing some fantastic new pieces, such as an emerald green tie-neck blouse, and some of her best standbys, including the yellow cardigan she wore in the very first episode of Glee.

So you want to dress like Emma? You're in luck. Emma's wardrobe consists of timeless pieces in classic silhouettes, with quirky colorful accents.. Stand out by adding unique vintage accessories. To channel your inner Emma, these are your must-haves:

Emma has a slew of cardigan sweaters in every possible color and print. Held in place by a pair of vintage sweater clips or highlighted with appliques or an enamel flower brooch, Emma's cardigans are the key element to her signature style.

Pencil Skirts-
You won't find a single pair of pants hanging in Ms. Pillsbury's closet. Emma pairs her trademark cardigans with classic skirts in prints and solids.Blouses-
Emma prefers blouses with bows, ties, or simple Peter Pan collars to wear under her cardigans or tucked into a skirt with a pretty belt. Some of her blouses have more than one bow. It's madness. Sheer madness.Shoes -
It's mary jane or t-strap pumps for Emma. She prefers a stacked heel, but ever since she married Carl, she's been branching out a bit in the shoe department. Look for chunky heels, or try accessorizing with a shoe clip.For more Emma Pillsbury style, visit Danielle's blog What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?
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