Glee Fashion Spotlight: Episode 5 - The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Danielle reviews the fashion from Episode 5 of Glee.Glee fans are distinctly divided into two camps: Team Will and Team Carl. Some just can't imagine Emma giving her heart to anyone but Mr. Schue, and others are one hundred percent behind the dapper dentist who charmed her into leaving the crusts on her sandwich.

If you can't decide which team you're on, maybe the guys' style will help you choose! Take a look at the signature styles of the two men after Emma's heart.

Will's Style
Will's style unequivocally says, "teacher." Classic 504s are a staple in Will's closet. Slightly wrinkled oxford button-down shirts and plaid shirts are worn alone, or under a myriad of cardigan sweaters. Striped ties seem to be his favorites, and they're almost always loose. Will's on his feet all day, so comfortable shoes are a must.

Carl's Style
Carl is all about tailored suits and fitted shirts. If we looked in his closet, we'd probably see several pairs of perfectly polished black dress shoes lined up neatly in a row. Interchangeable pieces in charcoal gray and black make up the majority of his wardrobe, and they look amazing with his slight salt-and-pepper hair.

So, which guy's style is worthy of our favorite mysophobic guidance counselor's attention?

When she isn't adding more sweater clips to her collection, Danielle is the author of the style blog What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? You can also follow her on Twitter @WWEPW.
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