Emily on The Glee Project

Living in a house with complete strangers is uncomfortable! There should be a law about having too many girls in one room! Haha! Anyway, you could tell that many of them had already bonded from the callbacks. I kept to myself at callbacks because I had my eyes on the prize! I didn't want to be distracted. So yeah, I felt weird -- like the odd one out. It felt like high school all over again with the cool kids and then me, the crazy lil’ Hispanic on the wrong side of the cafeteria.

I could right tell off the bat that I was going to love Marissa! I live for her! She is funny, talented, and so down to earth. I also love Bryce and Matheus. They are super cool dudes! Not going to lie, Lindsay rubbed me the wrong way at first. I think we are just really different, so naturally we clashed a bit. But living in a house with so many roommates you're bound to have some personality clashes.

I don't like to show people my insecurities. I've been made fun of a lot and been put down by others my whole life. So I came into the house prepared with a hardened mentality. It helped push me to be not better than them, but to be the best I can be. I wasn't really intimidated because I was too far into my own zone. It is crazy what you can reach when you truly believe in yourself and push yourself!

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