Hannah on The Glee Project 102

Even though I knew they were acting, it was still fun to have all the guys after me for once.I was definitely nervous to sing Lady Gaga for the homework assignment. I mean, don't get me wrong… I LOVE her, but she just isn't really my style. And I knew that there would be some intense competition because of all the theater kids in the group (Alex, Lindsay, Emily, Ellis). But I went into it thinking that I just need to lay it all out there on the table and go for it because that is what theatricality is all about.

It was a dream come true to meet Idina Menzel. Wicked was the first Broadway musical I ever saw and after seeing Defying Gravity at the end of Act One, I knew at that moment, with a doubt, that performing is what I wanted to do with my life. Idina is one of my idols and has inspired me to follow my dreams, so getting to meet her was almost too amazing. I think I probably cried a little bit.

I was disappointed when I didn’t win the homework assignment because I wanted that one-on-one time with Idina more than anything! But I thought Alex did an amazing job and he deserved to win. Better luck next time. :)

I had a great time at the video shoot. I loved when I got to do my solo thing and all the boys were pawing at me. At first, I felt kind of uncomfortable, but after a little bit I started to get into it and I felt really sexy (which is something that I don't usually feel). Even though I knew they were acting, it was still fun to have all the guys after me for once. However, I definitely did NOT like he dance part of the music video…those shoes were killing me!

VIDEO: See this week's music video!

My costume was amazing. I would describe it as Glam Diva. It was really over the top and totally hot! (Literally. That jacket was warm!) But I thought the pink jacket was an awesome touch and really made me stand out. Loved it!

PHOTOS: See the contenders crazy costumes from the music video shoot.

For the most part, I understood why Matheus and McKynleigh were in the bottom three, but I was really surprised about Ellis! She really stepped out of her box when she kissed that boy and I thought her performance was amazing. I was pretty surprised to see her go. She apparently did an amazing job with her last chance performance song and I thought she had performed well in the music video.

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