Hannah on The Glee Project 106

I was very excited about this week's theme, "Tenacity". When I first saw that it was going to be theme for the week, I thought that this would be my chance to really step up my game and get out of my box.

I love the song "Bulletproof", so this homework assignment was a blast! It was all about being strong and basically telling someone off. I love how powerful the song is and I loved being intense for once.

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The group number this week was one of my favorite songs we have done so far. I LOVED the rap part I got in "Ice Ice Baby" and felt like I really got to show off my skills. I found it easy going back to doing a group number after doing duets last week. I actually think I enjoyed this more.

The dancing this week was even harder for me than it was during “Dance-Ability” week. There was a lot of floor work that I really struggled with, but I told myself that I was not going to allow it to defeat me. I had to alter a few moves to make them work for me, but eventually I got it. I felt like I really embodied “tenacity” because I was faced with a challenge, and I overcame it.

Getting slushied over and over again was VERY cold! Haha! But it actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Call me weird, but I kind of enjoyed it. My skin did not enjoy it very much though, because apparently my skin is allergic to it! I broke out in hives at the end of my slushie take. Yikes!

Before this week, I wasn't even sure what tenacity meant, but after everything that I faced this week, I had a clear understanding. I learned that tenacity is all about overcoming any adversity you are faced with, never giving up, and pressing through even when things get REALLY hard!

I had a pretty hard time in the recording studio this week. I had my part completely memorized before I entered the booth, but as soon as I walked in, Nikki said she had a bet going that I could get it right in one take. I felt a lot of pressure and the lyrics just flew out of my head! I had to tell myself not to let it get to me and to continue trying until I got it right. Eventually I had a good take and I was happy with the outcome. I didn't give up and it definitely paid off.

I was very relieved to find out I wasn't in the bottom three. In this competition, you really can't afford to have an off day, so I was almost sure that my poor performance in the recording studio would send me to the bottom. It was a real wake up call for me.

I was TOTALLY SHOCKED to find out that Marissa wasn’t called back. I think she is incredibly talented and saw her as one of the top contenders. I honestly thought she would make it all the way. It was scary to see that you could go from being on top to going home so quickly. Marissa is one of my best friends and I was really sad to see her go. :(

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