Glee Insider: Welcome to The Glee Project!

Welcome to the official site for The Glee Project.
To any Oxygen fan or Glee lover (and hopefully a combination of both), welcome to the official site for The Glee Project. We're here to hold your hand through the audition process, obsess with you over every Glee episode on Fox, and create a place where all Gleeks and perhaps future Gleeks can interact with each other.

Now The Glee Project itself is going to begin casting soon. To find out all the ins and outs of that process, check out the audition tab on this site. That will direct you to all sorts of applications, rules, regulations, forms, etc. Also, you will be able to check out the official list of songs that you can sing at the auditions.

This site is not only for those of you who want to try out for The Glee Project. Believe me, I can't sing a note. My friends like to remind me all the time. I'm simply obsessed with TV, music, and dancing. So in a nutshell I'm a Gleek. But I also happen to work at Oxygen so I have the inside track on everything surrounding The Glee Project. Just call me your Glee Insider.

I won't be alone in my adventures. We have brought on some amazing Glee bloggers that some of you may already know. In no particular order:

Danielle joins the Oxygen blogger network from her own site What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Ever since she can remember, she's loved two things -- television and clothing.  When Glee came along, Danielle realized that each was a fashion-obsessed TV-watcher's dream. Join her on The Glee Project site as she continues her lifelong love affair with the small screen and a really great pair of shoes.

Taking the responsibility of recaps here on our site is Shelly. As a huge musical theatre fan, Shelly has been a Gleek since the first episode aired. She loves the show because it's funny, serious, silly, inspirational, and entertaining all rolled into one. She is currently the Los Angeles representative for GleeNetwork, and is so excited to join the team here at Oxygen! Some of her other interests include: Harry Potter, music, snowboarding, knitting, and cute furry animals.

Jonathan is a marketing professional and the managing editor of, a fansite for Glee that he started in the fall of 2009. When he's not consuming all things Glee, Jonathan is busy catching up on his other favorite TV shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad, True Blood, The Office, Community, and Walking Dead), freelance editing, working full-time, and enjoying life with his beautiful wife and two rambunctious little boys.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM on FOX to check out the latest episode of Glee featuring the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow. Will her voice impress us? Or leave us wishing for another Britney episode? Stay tuned to for that and more!

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