Glee Music Recap: Episode 13 Comeback

Jonathan reviews music from Episode 13: ComebackAt times throughout the season Glee likes to let its hair down, and just have some fun. If last week’s episode was called “Silly Love Songs,” this week could just have easily been called “Silly Songs.”

Sam’s venture with The Justin Bieber Experience had some great moments, as Glee gave its signature snarky commentary on the formula that makes “the Biebs” such a phenomenon: the hair + the hoodie + some basic dance moves + Tween girls. I like it when Glee toes the line between performing these songs because of their popularity, and giving a slight nod to the audience that admits, “we’re not sure this is great music either.”

The performances and reactions to “Somebody to Love” and “Baby” were satisfyingly over the top. Even Sam’s slow-tempo refrain of the line “and I’m all gone” from “Baby” helped lighten the mood as we watched the untimely (but likely short-lived) demise of his relationship with Quinn. *Note: the idea of playing a normally upbeat song slower in order to make it sadder has been around since The Brady Bunch and other shows from yester-year. Now, the cool trend is to slow a song down by about 800% to discover its ethereal and ambient expression. Case in point? None other than 10 minutes of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”:

Moving on, I’m not aware of anyone who actually likes the song “I Know What Boys Like” by The Waitresses, but it was a perfect fit for Lauren’s first New Directions solo, and Puck’s reactions to the music were equally perfect.

Mercedes’ and Rachel’s diva-off performance of “Take Me Or Leave Me” from the Broadway hit, RENT, was long overdue (pun intended), and was largely satisfying. After Kurt and Rachel soared with “Defying Gravity” last season, I recall Internet forums exploding with song requests from Broadway’s other darling show. It was the highlight of the night for me.

While I enjoyed New Directions belting out My Chemical Romance’s “Sing,” I’m not going to lie: it felt awkward with Sue in there, and I did not understand the copious amounts of plaid. Maybe my fellow The Glee Project fashion blogger, Danielle, can help me out.

What about you? Were you able to let your hair down and just have some fun? What song were you humming the morning after?

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