Lindsay on The Glee Project 107

When I heard that the theme of the week was "Sexuality" I got really nervous. I really am not an outwardly sexual person, and I don't feel comfortable being publicly sexual. I knew this week would challenge me, but I was afraid of what would be expected of me.

Practicing "Like a Virgin" turned into an awkward sexual melting pot. I felt so awkward and silly. I just didn't know what to do or how to sing and be sexy.

Damian was really focused and in the zone for "Teenage Dream" and I was terrified to be his partner. He was easily one of the best boys in the competition and I didn't know how I would match him, but he turned out to be a very gracious partner. We brainstormed a lot in the journal I kept there, and he really knew what he wanted out of the shoot.

I think my biggest struggle was in the recording studio, trying to get my voice to do what I needed it to do, but focusing on emoting and being sexy all at the same time. I just wasn't in a good place, and it was hard to sing about loving someone so much when I hadn't spoken to my boyfriend for a few weeks.

I didn't understand why I was safe and Damian wasn't. I felt like he completely outshined me in the assignment, and I was confused as to why I was called back. I was ready to do a last chance performance.

This week, I learned a lot about how to tap into emotions and feelings, especially sexual ones. I am much more comfortable with it now, especially because it was all addressed in such a professional manner.

I was shocked when Cameron came into the rec room and told us he was leaving. It didn't make sense and we were all really sad to lose him. We are a family, so to say goodbye to our "big brother" wasn't easy. It was especially hard on Damian and Hannah. We all slept in the girls’ dorm that night. No one wanted to see Cameron's empty bed.

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