Lindsay on The Glee Project 109

"Generosity" is a huge responsibility and to have it as a theme was exciting and just what I personally needed with my newfound sense of self. "Lean On Me" was a perfect assignment because we had lost Cameron and Hannah within the last two weeks, and we were all smarting from them going home. We all felt lonely, tired and drained in our own ways, so to sing this song to each other was refreshing and lovely. It didn't feel like we were competing, but rather that we were lifting each other up.

I was shocked that I got the win! I thought it was going to go to Damian. I felt so honored and I felt like I did something right without forcing anything. I just sang to my contenders from my heart of hearts, and it worked. It just added to my new growth.

Kevin is the sweetest, funniest, most genuine guy on earth. We talked about school and friends, and how surreal working on Glee is for him. He even let me call my vocal coach, Cherrie, so I could say thank you to her for being a second mother to me and for guiding me along my journey. I was in tears. She is such a rock in my life, and to get to call her was such a blessing.

Kevin told me to fake it until I made it with the guitar, and we cracked up about how bad I was at it. He also told me to always be grateful for the people that were generous with their time and efforts to get me where I was. He is very inspiring.

I was SO excited when Nikki brought in Alexander, Alegria, Liam and Lilly to the studio. I love children, and I grew up with incredible mentors in my life. All I could think was, "How cool must it be for these kids to be invited to a professional studio, be in front of camera's and live their dreams?" It was so touching and incredible to have them there.

Lily BLEW MY MIND. She is the most mature 10-year-old I have ever met. She told me about her life, her dreams, and her goals. The most amazing thing she said to me was, "I don't want to be 'famous' for fame or money. I want to reach out to people that need a light in their life. I want to be an inspiration." TEN YEARS OLD!!! How!? I was dumbfounded. COMPLETELY dumbfounded.

The "Sing" shoot was the most fun I've had on TGP. I let Lily take the lead and made sure she was having the time of her life. My fellow contenders and I had such a blast with those kids on set and off. We would dance behind the cameras, play clapping games, sneak fruit snacks to each other from the snack tables, and just crack up over nothing.

Lily could actually play guitar, so she taught me how to strum the strings and I taught her the chords to the song. She was SO awesome that words cannot describe her. She was always smiling and giggling with me, and we had such fun making up dance moves and piggy-back riding.

Those kids were a blessing in disguise for us. We lost the joy and fun in the competition when Hannah went home, and those children were a light for us. They gave us cards they made themselves that said how inspiring we were to them and that they loved us and would miss us when we wrapped the shoot. I didn't want to let go of Lily in our last hug. She was crying and it broke my heart. I promised her we would keep in touch and we have.

I couldn't believe it when they told us all four of us were going to be singing for Ryan. It made sense, though. Top 3 is a big decision to make, especially since Ian had never seen us before. I couldn't believe I would be singing in front of Ryan AND Ian. My knees were shaking. Then, to find out that Robert and Zach weren't going to be in the audience was a shock. They were like our cheerleaders!

I was very excited to be assigned "Defying Gravity" because it is such an amazing, iconic song. I was really nervous to actually sing it though because my voice was SO tired. I was afraid it wouldn't withstand the night, but I put that behind me and decided that I wasn't going to be "Perfect Pearce" any more and that I was just DONE. And my, my, my... how freeing that was.

To find that we were all called back was shocking but SO FREAKING AWESOME!! I had grown so close with the three boys and I didn't want to leave or have someone else leave. Another goodbye would have hurt way too much. I was so proud that we had all made it to the end and that we got to experience all of TGP together. What a ride!
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