Marissa on The Glee Project 110

I was very excited to be brought back for the finale! Since I'd gone home roughly 3 weeks before, I'd had just enough time to get over the hurt of being eliminated and to be reunited with the people at home that I'd missed so much during my time in the competition, just as they were able to say goodbye to me for one more week. Looking back, this week was constituted by some of the best memories I've had in doing The Glee Project. Perhaps it was because the pressure of needing to be on top of my game 24/7 was no longer there, and I could concentrate much more on just having fun and spending time with my new close friends. The 8 "eliminees" especially had lots of time to bond and hang out. For that I was truly grateful.I was happy for the finalists but, admittedly, I thought I'd be very jealous upon seeing them. Instead, the minute the eight of us burst through the choir room door and surprised them, the only thing I honestly felt was joy and excitement that all of us were together again. The 4 finalists seemed so tired, worn down and ready for the competition to be over, while the rest of us were refreshed and rejuvenated from the time we'd all been able to spend at home. It was impossible to be bitter or jealous or anything else but supportive and sympathetic. Since Alex was one of my closest friends there, I was extremely proud of how far he'd gotten. I also respected the fact that he and Damian really had to fight to get to the finals, as they'd been in the bottom so many times throughout the competition.I was ecstatic to see and work with Zach again. I love him. He is so much fun. He really should have his own show! Because Raise Your Glass is such a celebratory, upbeat kind of song, I was happy to be learning more fast-paced choreography. Being in the recording studio with Nikki again wasn't as exciting for me. I was nervous because I'd never felt that I'd impressed her enough in the competition and wanted to at least try to do so to the best of my ability this week. As it turned out, the 8 "eliminees" didn't really have to sing very much, but cheer, rather! Therefore the recording session wound up being a lot more fun than I expected! Also, looking back and after getting to talk to Nikki a little more, I think I got to leave on a better note (pun intended :P) this time around!The moment when they announced a tie between Samuel and Damian was an absolutely thrilling moment for everyone! However, I haven't really viewed Samuel and Damian as the only winners. Yes, they won the original stated prize of The Glee Project, but with 2 episodes on Glee as well, I view Alex and Lindsay as the winners as well! In my opinion, I really think that a third of our cast won this competition! I am very happy for all of them and was never once surprised that the show ended the way it did. The Glee Project competition was consistent only in its unpredictability, so the finale has stayed true-to-form in that aspect! Something that Ashley Fink joked about was that it was very akin to an Oprah episode: "And you get a car! And you get a car too! And you! And also you! And you over there!" A part of me did feel a little bad for Hannah in that she'd been only one spot away from this generous prize. Come to think of it, I suppose I'd also been only 2 eliminations away from it, seeing as Cameron quit. That was the only hard part about it, being so close to such an awesome treat! Otherwise, it was a very joyous occasion for everyone and almost like a quadruple happy ending lol.Not to be cheesy, but what I learned most from the competition is that I "can." If someone asked me a year ago if I thought I was capable of competing on a performance-based reality series to be on one of the most wildly successful shows ever to hit the small screen, I'd probably laugh and say, "definitely not!" I never thought I could be brave enough to do it. I've always loved to sing, dance, and act but I've also never been the attention-seeking type, and therefore not suitable to being on a reality show. However, I continue to be surprised with how much I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. The risk-taking, honesty, and resolve to be a braver person on the show has definitely changed my life.Now, I've been spending a lot of much-needed time with the important people in my life, which includes some of my new friends from the show. I've been working on being healthier, both mentally and physically, and coming up with so many ideas for future conquests. I've been getting my apartment in NYC ready for selling and preparing for a very possible move out to LA. I've made some more important connections and have been working on what my next move is going to be. There are some very bright things on the horizon for me, but just like many of the things I did during my time in The Glee Project, I'd prefer to leave it all as a surprise!!! ;)One final flurry of thank yous!!! :Thank you to Robert for selecting me out of thousands and to Ryan for approving it! Thank you to Zach, Nikki, Erik, and the mentors we've had from the cast of Glee itself! Thank you to Oxygen, Michael Davies and the rest over at Embassy Row! Thank you to my fellow contenders from the show for being so awesome! Thank you to my closest friends who grow closer and even more essential as I find my footing in this new way of living! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for being freakishly near perfect and one of the best things that's ever happened to me! Thank you to my amazing-beyond-words family who have been nothing but supportive my entire life, particularly my dad for never failing to believe that I could do this, and for teaching me the skills to attempt it in the first place! Finally, THANK YOU to all my amazing fans and supporters! I can't believe I was voted into the top 3 of the fan favorite competition! I continue to be so fortunate!!! Thank you for the constant words of encouragement and the life stories you've shared with me. If nothing else, knowing that I could have had a positive influence on the number of people that I have has been a lifetime accomplishment in itself! Thank you so much to everybody!!!!! :)

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